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My Reviews


(about 3 years ago)

You have a very interesting theme going on here. Please do tell me, kind sir, are you going to continue this? Perhaps 400% or 500% if you... Read More »

The Birthday Candle

(about 5 years ago)

MY GOODNESS. At first I was thinking: Swap? No swap? hm. but I just woke up, I'm in a lazy grouchy mood and I'm eating macaroni & I think... Read More »


  • Vivina Isabelina Fan Club
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    • created 11/29/14

    An appreciation group for a fantastic figment poet.

  • The Ash Mag

    White ash
    • 131 members
    • created 08/17/12

    White Ash Literary Magazine is now open to submissions! We are seeking poets and short fiction writers.

  • <3 Marianas Trench <3

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    • 14 members
    • created 06/08/12

    For all the Trenchers out there.

  • *Mikki Jayne Fan Club*

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    Share your love for the all time best poetry writer on Figment(:

  • The poets of Figment

    • 609 members
    • created 09/23/11

    If you love to write poetry and take pride in your poems, join this group. We'll be able to discuss poetry, share poetry, get new ideas and learn more about each other and our writing styles!

Talk to me!

Draft 2_1

almost 2 years ago TheVirtualCavern said:

Hey there Vivina!

Poetry season is in full effect! And over at The Virtual Cavern, we are currently looking for aspiring poets to help promote, advertise, and grow their work all a part of the return of our “Poetry Podcast”. Depending on the amount of submissions each and every week, we will release a daily, brief, 3-5 minute podcast basically featuring an aspiring poet, and reading one of their written poems/sonnets they have provided to us. We will first discuss a little bit about the featured poet based on the bio they send us, read one of their works, and close with where you can find and read more of his or her works, such as right here on Figment!

If you would like to have an opportunity to have your poem/sonnet feature on our site, simply send us a comment on our Figment Page along with the requested information from above, or shoot us an email at We hope to hear from you soon!


almost 6 years ago Xavier Kent said:

AAAAHHHH!!!! You saw Operation Psychotic Llamas! It's official. I. LOVE. YOU. ya know, in a not weird way. :D


about 6 years ago Miss Maddie said:

Welcome! You will soon be famous on Figment, I just know it. Keep on!

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