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A Woman's Adventure

(almost 2 years ago)

First of all, where you have, "...your spirit needs rests..." it should say, "...your spirit needs rest..." Other than that one error,... Read More »

Finding Her

(almost 2 years ago)

Where you have "...don'y..." I believe you meant to say "...don't..." Perfectly understandable mistake since the T and Y are so close to... Read More »


  • So Figment is Ending

    • 129 members
    • created 10/03/17

    #LETFIGMENTLIVE in our hearts <3

  • Dragon Field Guide Role Play

    • 1 member
    • created 09/10/17

    This is a role play for a book I'm writing called Princess's Dragon Field Guide. If you have a love for dragons, such as Celestial Dragons and Night Furies, this is the role play group for you.

  • Calling All Roleplayers

    • 37 members
    • created 07/14/17

    Yes, if any of you are looking at this now, who still remember, this is Skytop. I'm here, because I've heard the call. You want a new wave of Rping? You got it

  • Figment high - a roleplay

    • 3 members
    • created 08/15/16

    Set in a world where magic and powers is common and entwined in various fields. You are a student of figment high, the most prestigious magic school

  • Mythological

    • 2 members
    • created 01/26/16

    Mythical creature lovers, JOIN THIS GROUP!!!!!!!

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21 days ago The Shadow said:

It is known that there are thousands of Earths. On one of these Earths, people are not judged by race or gender. We are all separated into two groups. A war between Freaks and Normals.

Normals began attempting to get rid of Freaks when the first one showed up. The first was a young girl that shattered the windows of her school with a scream. It wasn't her fault, she was only 8, but that didn't stop the authorities from killing her. This started the war. Normals tried to kill the Freaks but they fought back creating a resistance called the Academy. Young Freaks were taught to both use their abilities and hide them. Eventually, both sides were at a stailmate. And no one knows when the war will end.

Will you join a side or try to hid in the shadows?


27 days ago Peridot.ty said:

I would love to share it with you! I can get it to you when I get home later tonight. How would you like me to give it to you because it is a bit long.


30 days ago C.M. Brighid Bachleda said:

I'm writing a Planet of the Apes Fanfic called The Luna Silver Blade Memoirs and I got seven chapters posted so far...

Would this interest you?


30 days ago C.M. Brighid Bachleda said:

I know you don't do swaps but...

Would you take a reading request?


about 1 month ago Mariella Baird said:

Most people have heard the news by now. Come join us to discuss further action.

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