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The Mortician's Boy

(over 4 years ago)

Overall Thoughts: - Very, very interesting. Morbid, but interesting. - *Hearted!* Review: THE MORTICIAN'S BOY is unique. It'... Read More »


(over 4 years ago)

Overall Thoughts: - A little tell-y. - Banter between Jaxon and Araluen is enjoyable but can be tiring at times. - Prologue not nec... Read More »


  • Red Pen Society

    Red pen
    • 260 members
    • created 02/28/12

    We are a group of former Inkpoppers and Figs who are very passionate about giving well rounded critiques. From us you can expect: corrections on spelling and grammar, notes on plot, analysis of characters, and much more. If you are looking for people who will give your work the tough love it probably needs, then you have come to the right place.

  • Kimberly Karalius fan club

    • 98 members
    • created 09/13/11

    Fans of Kimberly Karalius and all her writings!


    • 36 members
    • created 11/13/11

    The Awesome Association Of Awesome People On Figment Who Are Awesome.

  • Crescendo

    • 61 members
    • created 11/12/11

    The epic group for Figgy's who love all types of Piano, Violin, Flute, instrument, soundtrack, classical music & for those Figgy's who can play these wonderful instruments! Or even write/compose 2! :D

  • Girls Place

    Girls place
    • 409 members
    • created 09/13/11

    GIRLS ONLY! It’s hard being a girl and trying to keep our perfect image. But here its different, have fun and hang lose, talk it out and just shill.

Talk to me!

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over 4 years ago Anabelle said:

Hi Becca! I am part of an awesome group called Cover Circle! If you like to make covers or you would like a cover a book, then you should definitely join! Here's the link:

Sorry if I've already posted this on your wall. :)


over 4 years ago avery hates bands said:

Hey! So I just got this group and I was wondering if you'd like to join? Basically, it's just a group to give advice on writings of all kinds.I'd love it if you joined. If you don't want to join, just ignore this comment and I'm really sorry for bothering you. Thanks!~Avery


over 4 years ago R A Black said:

Thanks for the review! You've obviously been busy if that was your tenth one :) It was great, don't worry.


over 4 years ago Alex Epicness said:

Want to ask my characters more questions, find out about updates, watch my book trailer, or ask me a question? Go to The Summer of Star website to do so! Thanks(:



over 4 years ago Lynds said:

Thank you so much for your review :) It helped me out and I plan on making some edits based on what you said.

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