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    A Mistake to the World

    by Cynthia Monica

    I've been locked up my entire life, or that's what I believed for many years at least. I've been told that I was a mistake, though I learned later ...

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    The Whisper of Death

    by Cynthia Monica

    Death has always been looked apon from the view of the victims, the ones who stayed behind, and the one who caused the death. However, never has an...

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    Peace in Darkness

    by Cynthia Monica

    The final thoughts of a Demon before his execution. With what thought in mind would he go out? Would he smile, or shed a tear? Would madness overta...


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The Broken Angel

(about 10 hours ago)

I like the new chapter. It gives a bit more insight of their world and the characters themselves so I really liked it. The description of... Read More »

The Broken Angel

(1 day ago)

The story is good, The characters are really likable, and it's well put together. However, you should perhaps ask someone to check your g... Read More »


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    For all those who wish to get a critique on their current or past novels. Only post if you have finished the novel or are continuing.

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    Or do you want someone to check out your book before it's published? Then this is your place. Just simply post the book (or draft) on the 'Members Books' section. Then review a book. Thanks :)

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    Low on followers or hearts and comments? Want more feedback on your works? This group will be for anyone who is wanting more people to see their works and get more advice! We have games and contests!!

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1 day ago Brett Baker said:

Just saw you're review of my work. And yes I'll take everything you said into consideration. I just put up chapter 2 - its considerably shorter and is quite a filler chapter, but its about learning about the characters more than anything else. Plot will come in chapter 3. I'm so happy you took the time to read and review my work. I hope you like the rest of it!


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