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    I Am Not a Poet

    by Araxis

    Cover by the One and Only

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    A Spark

    by Araxis

    One look, One laugh, One touch, One spark ========= Cover by the One and Only

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    New Neighbor

    by Araxis

    A Yoonseok fanfic

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    Pick Up Line

    by Araxis

    Namjoon has a new job - a normal job in a normal work building doing normal, boring paper work. Taehyung is one of the first to welcome Namjoon to ...


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2 days ago The One And Only said:

Sounds good, I'll probably have them finished within the next couple of weeks. Could you pick out some images you'd like of the specific characters? I'm unfamiliar with the actual celebrities so I'm not sure if I'd be able to find the right images haha. And payment is not required ^-^


3 days ago The One And Only said:

of course! ^-^ could you provide me with some information regarding what you'd like for the covers?


3 days ago MaryAnn said:

Hey! THanks for commenting on my story! I really appreciate it! If you want to stay in touch then my underlined account is going to have the same username.

I would really like to get to know you better!



5 days ago Nick Meraglio said:

Yeah for sure


19 days ago Rain Leary said:

Yes, I would like your wattpad username, I will make sure to follow and everything, It might be a while though because I have to get a new account but until then please keep doing your story I love it more than my life!

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