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City of the Lost God

(about 1 month ago)

The above review was neatly divided into paragraphs. Something seems to have happened to the formatting when I submitted it. Hope you can... Read More »

City of the Lost God

(about 1 month ago)

Wow! This is an amazing book! It deserves to be in bookshops all across the country! It does need a little more work first, though, parti... Read More »


  • Getting Underlined

    • 15 members
    • created 11/12/17

    Join us in the transition to Figment's new home(s) on other websites. We can NOT lose the connections that we have gained here on Figment.

  • Unappreciated Writers

    • 60 members
    • created 03/04/17

    we are a super active group dedicated to working on our writing and getting feedback on our works! We have games, contests and more! We'd love to have you!

  • The Figgie Fighters

    Figgie fighters congrats legal2.1[1]
    • 120 members
    • created 12/17/16

    Hello there wonderful Figgies! This group is here to gather positive/open-minded writers to try and save Figment! We'll have discussions about ideas, writing and more as we fight to save our site!

  • Creative Contests

    • 310 members
    • created 03/08/15

    We have prompts, contests, games, covers, and more! Join today!

  • The Writer's Workshop

    • 45 members
    • created 05/08/17

    A place for you to hone your skills through advice, contests, games, and more. We welcome anybody and everybody, so long as you have a passion for writing! Now hiring and sponsoring. NEW CONTEST!

Talk to me!


5 days ago WingsofAnEagle said:

They're killing Figment, and want us to transfer to Underlined? What about our Fig friends? The community is being torn apart.

But now an alternate is in the making. A small group of Figgies are working together to build a new Figgie home!!! Help us resurrect our community, help us build the place we love. Spread the word. If you want to find out how to help, contact WingsofAnEagle or visit this page--



7 days ago John McAllister said:

That's completely fine! I'm a little skeptical of it as well (but that's also because the writing community there has not even started). I don't think I made it very clear that the community can also expand to other sites but that's part of the community as well.


7 days ago John McAllister said:

Also if you are interested in a moderator or other position in the community, feel free to contact me.


7 days ago John McAllister said:

Thank you so much for joining Getting Underlined!!


7 days ago John McAllister said:

Hello Figgies! As you may know, Figment is shutting down at the end of the year and transitioning to Underlined. I know that I, for one, am excited for this change. But I also have anxieties about the transitions. What about the meager circle of followers I've built up? I may only have a few, but these are people who have supported and aided my writing. And I don't want to start from scratch. Also what about communities like this one? Where will they go? How will I find authors whose work I know and love? We need to stick together, and create new communities on Get Underlined. That's why I've created Getting Underlined, a new community on Figment that basically collects all those who wish to make the transition to Underlined (or to an entirely different website) when Figment shuts down. As soon as Underlined allows it, I will also create a sister community on Underlined that will allow the same group to find each other. Please click here to go to the Figment community called Getting Underlined: http://figment.com/groups/36035-Getting-Underlined

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