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  • Heraldry
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    Over Mine Strewn Fields (old)

    by Mari

    1st Draft

  • Finding cara
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    by Mari

  • Heraldry
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    Taming the Tigress (old)

    by Mari

    Old draft of "The Dark Triad"

  • Jackie thompson
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    by Mari

    Somewhere between a poem and a letter, this is something that I wrote at like one in the morning expressing how some people make me feel inside, ev...

  • Just friends (1)
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    "Just Friends"

    by Mari

    What happens when someone who's afraid of commitment develops feelings for a friend.

  • Over mine strewn fields (2)
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    Over Mine Strewn Fields

    by Mari

    Dystopian love story that takes place 1500 years into the future during a time of war. 5 young boys are being trained for combat by an ex-soldier, ...

  • The dark triad
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    The Dark Triad

    by Mari

    Set in a dystopian society, eight teenagers are arrested and sent to a prison that looks almost like its own town. Only, they're the only eight pe...


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Love Thy Enemy

(about 14 hours ago)

Chapter 1: "A small bell rings [] as Ash..." You don't need the "once" that was in this sentence, well unless you were saying the bel... Read More »

Locked Behind Amethyst Eyes

(about 19 hours ago)

Chapter 2: So wait, is she INSIDE a suitcase? You just refer to it as a prison, so I had to reread it to be sure. You may want to spec... Read More »


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about 15 hours ago The One And Only said:

I think I'll read the prologue and first chapter of The Dark Triad ^-^ in return you can read Flicker if you'd like, its about 20 minutes.

Blooming heart

about 19 hours ago Vera Wolf said:

The war was also mentioned in the first chapter, which ended with her being kidnapped (put into the suitcase) so if you were reading in in one go I don't think that bit would have been as confusing :) Thanks for your comments over all though! They were helpful!


1 day ago Tanuma Kuroyike said:

Sure, I would like to swap, but currently I'm rewriting some of my works that I want you to read. So I'll inform when it's updated.


1 day ago Mina Autumn said:

Thanks, I figured it must have been something like that. Oh, and don't worry about getting my review done super fast. I just did yours as quickly as possible because I'm going on vacation tomorrow so I wanted to get it done before then. Anyways, thanks for swapping with me. I really liked your book :)


1 day ago Caspian Vinson said:

That's far. At first though, my dream school was Xavier in New Orleans. Coming from New York and going to Louisiana would've been a journey (19 and a half hours!). I'm glad you're happy at the school though and it's great for your major too, which is wonderful! What's a school for if not to prepare you for the future, right? Data entry? Is it as thrilling as I'm imagining it to be? I've always wanted to learn coding, I feel like that would be a great thing to try. Coding and robotics; luckily Oz has both, so I can do it there!

What kinds of things were you thinking? Honestly, any possible idea helps. Who knows? Maybe it'll make its way into the final product (or at least the first draft)!

Also, I'm getting out of the house! I have been going crazy staying in this house for the past few weeks. I only ever go to work and home, and sure I go on trips with my kids for work, but it is still technically work, despite all the fun I'm having. Soon though, I'm heading out to meet up with my best friend (he's back in New York from a summer program at his school. He's going to Hampton). We're just gonna talk, relax, really just have fun together. We haven't done it in person in so long! And then I'm going out with another friend to the movies next week, so that'll be great! And I'm going shopping Saturday for college stuff. Also, one of my books came! I ordered it from Amazon and it just got delivered earlier today! I still have a bunch more on the way, but still, I have that first one! Adulthood is on the way! I'm excited... but still super nervous.

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