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    by CLaudette Garrick

    Ella thought she lived the life of any normal child in Darrack, but she was wrong.


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over 2 years ago FamouslyInfamous said:

Thank you very much for following me! :D


over 2 years ago Shelby Fox said:

Thanks for the follow and reading my story "The Two Faces of a Murderer"! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it, which makes me sad to tell you that I wrote that piece for a short story contest. Due to that, I don't have any intention of adding to it in the near future (maybe one day I'll think about it).

I have another story, this one a (mostly completed) novel, that is of a similar genre if you're interested. It's called Unexpected Obstacle. I started writing it years ago (when I was still in high school) and haven't done much to it since posted it on Figment, but you're welcome to read it.

Thanks again for the follow, comment, heart and feel free to check out any of my other work :)

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