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    Shadow Scale Contest -Alleita

    by Molly E

    Love is a mysterious thing, especially when you know that fate was destined to rip you apart...

  • Beastly
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    by Molly E

    "Whatever you do, stay away from the forest." These were the eight words that were branded into her mind ever since she could talk. But with the...

  • Twisted
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    by Molly E

    This is a Rapunzel(Tangled) Retelling were Mother Gothel is actually the one to be good and Rapunzel the one that's evil. :) This is #1 of the T...

  • Ltw
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    Letters To Woodson

    by Molly E

    When reading a letter that was addressed to her Mother, Cori finds out some interesting news that could change her life forever.

  • Woveninthewickeds_zpselarh3tg
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    Woven in the Wickeds

    by Molly E

    Sierra never wanted to grow up in a world like this, but she never had the choice between fate and destiny. Being Commander of the Rebellion and th...

  • Doap
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    Death of the Princess

    by Molly E

    When Gale finds out that the Princess is dying and that she needs his help. He'll do anything in order to keep her last wish alive. cover c...

  • 2015-04-8--12-11-53
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    Ghostly Whispers

    by Molly E

    When a little girl makes an imaginary friend... They don't always stay so, Imaginary.

  • Utp
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    Unveiling the Perspectives

    by Molly E

    What happens when you fall in love with a blind man? A butt load of chaos and unseeable future.

  • Sywtbaw
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    So You Want To Be A Writer?

    by Molly E

    A guide on how to survive the starving student days of literature. Through the laughs and tears of my own experiences as a writer and some helpful ...

  • Carved heart
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    A Snowman's Thoughts

    by Molly E

    In which a snowman explains his deepest thoughts and life's goals and ambitions.

  • Lburtndtq
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    If Only I Was Lost

    by Molly E

    A short poem that means... We really miss the beauty in things.

  • Carved heart
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    by Molly E

    In a time where you breath is full of dust. Your eyes burn just from crying out the last of your water. Your hair has lost the will to grow... S...

  • 2015-29-11--13-13-39
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    Sincerely, Your Darling

    by Molly E

    In which a despondent woman writes a final letter to the man she had once loved.


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My Reviews

Summer Nights

(over 2 years ago)

SUMMER NIGHTS - KELLY WRING <b> Grammar: </b> 5/5 There's not much to say in this point because, since it's a poem, I didn't find anyt... Read More »

Voldemort and The Boy Who Lived

(over 2 years ago)

"Voldemort and the Boy Who Lived -P. S Wright" Grammar: 10 points Sentence structure: 10 points Thought: 10 points Imaginatio... Read More »


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9 months ago Eowyn Doyle said:

Creative Contests is having a comeback! Please come check it out! Note: please remove your book from the member's books unless it has won a contest to prevent things from become cluttered.


over 1 year ago M A Haidar said:

Just stopping to tell you i can no longer help in Creative Inc. I'm moving to uni and all and i have tons of things to do :) Thanks for the experience anyways


over 1 year ago CLOSED said:

Hey Molly. I'm new to Figment, and I was wondering if you might like to swap? Thanks!


over 1 year ago Elizabeth Kenton said:

Hey I'm stopping by with a handful of concerns about Creative Inc. I personally would much rather have it keep going but it's obviously kinda dropped off the map in matters of usefulness. Natasha left, so it's just us as admins and, as I said, I'd like to keep it going. Any suggestions on how? I'm going to start working on the main graphic junk that goes on the first page. -Eli

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