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  • Hello april
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    April Poems

    by Hana

    poems i wrote throughout the month of april, 2k15. xx

  • -pop
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    by Hana

    poems for a contest

  • Party
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    The Egg Watcher::

    by Hana

    a short story i wrote in english class. please comment your thoughts! xx

  • Alpha
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    five reasons i can't fall asleep

    by Hana

    <poetry> you know when its late and you can't sleep? yeah me too

  • Hello-may-tumblr1
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    May Poems

    by Hana

    poems i wrote in may, 2k15. "sequel" to april poems. xx

  • Hellojune
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    June Poems

    by Hana

    poems from june, 2k15. xx

  • Comes after
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    The Size of a Mouse's Heart

    by Hana

    My submission for the Shadowscale contest. Paloma, an elephant at a local zoo, is tired. Tired of what she does, who she's near, and so on. Whe...

  • Hello july
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    July/August Poems

    by Hana

    poems from july and august, 2k15. xx ~~~~~~~~~ http://8tracks.com/music_is_my_mask/tell-me-a-story

  • Cover-thumb
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    September/October Poems

    by Hana

    Poems from September and October. November will probably end up in here too because I've been really slow with school starting and all.

  • Draw-female-figure-study-03
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    being a-ok

    by Hana

    why, my love, what large teeth you have


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(almost 2 years ago)

Second post of this review because the spacing is weird in the first post! You can also see this review at this link: http://pastebin.com... Read More »


(almost 2 years ago)

This poem is simply gorgeous...beautiful language and flow, and I love how you spaced everything out. I could go on and on about this, bu... Read More »


  • Carnival of Figgies

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    • created 03/07/14

    A huge 6-month writing contest, with judges and 100 contestants. Prepare for a rigorous writing experience.

  • The Cover Hub

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    • created 12/16/14

    Have you been looking for a cover? Do you make covers and want to get more business or win prizes? Well, this group can solve all of those issues! We are the center for all things cover related!

  • Dillies

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    • created 04/23/15

    Only come if you are a definite Dilly.

  • Free Hearts!

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    • created 03/14/13

    Free hearts here! I will do a free read and heart your book!

  • Vintage Ink

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    • created 04/02/14

    We are the ORIGINAL magazine here at Figment! We've got contests, tutorials, interviews and more!

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about 1 year ago Everest Neverlynn said:

Hi! I'm Everest! I was wondering if you'd be interested in a swap? Please read the first chapter of Red: Asylum and leave a comment or review! If you've already read the first chapter, please read the first chapter of Red: Tyrant and leave a comment or review! Thank you!


almost 2 years ago Saffron City said:

Hi, would you care for a swap? My fresh-off-a-sheet-of-paper short story, Inflicted Extractions (1600 words), is in desperate need of constructive critique. In exchange, I'll read and review a story of yours similar in length. If you are interested in swapping, please contact me on my profile. Thanks!

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