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  • Doily
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    Fire and Ice

    by Alena Parker

    ~A dark story by a non-dark, chipper girl~ I had to write this poem for a school assignment and thought that I would use it as my first post on F...

  • Radical_radial
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    by Alena Parker

    Hi! This is my first entry for the bright places contest! Please enjoy my writing. Please leave helpful, even critical comments, too. Thanks :) Hav...

  • Img_0633
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    Preview for A Little Frayed

    by Alena Parker

    "The living moment is everything." ~D. H. Lawrence This was actually PERFECT for my novel that I'm writing! So for my entry I will post a short...

  • Img_2444[1]
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    The Found

    by Alena Parker

    :: Kady's family and close friends are enjoying their annual Christmas retreat when it becomes a fight to survive. [From Hilton Head Island, South ...

  • Carved heart
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    • 6

    Casting Shadows

    by Alena Parker

    //In a horrific accident, Avery (Jo) and Luke must try to survive against the odds. After a trauma later, Jo wakes up to realize that she remembers...

  • Img_2443
    • 30
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    A Little Frayed, A Little Worn

    by Alena Parker

    WIP COPYRIGHT 2015\\ // When Sloane discovers that she's dying, she and her best friends embark on a journey to complete their "Obtainable Bucket...


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My Reviews

Complete: Swing Shift

(over 2 years ago)

Hey! I'm so very sorry for being so very late on this swap return!! That aside, I'm just going to write thoughts as they come to me as I ... Read More »

My Guardian Spirit

(over 2 years ago)

Hellooo! I'm sorry this is so late! I've been with my friends at the hospital, and everything, but I hate excuses so sorry. Anyway, I... Read More »


  • Covers by Rebekah

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    • created 03/24/15

    Good-looking, legal covers designed by yours truly.

  • Living for Christ

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    • created 09/14/11

    Calling all Christians! Come on, we all enjoy connecting with other people after the same love as us: Jesus.

  • Cosy Dragons

    Cosy dragons
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    A close-knit community of writers, friends, and the odd fire-breather or two.

  • Coercive Covers

    Coercive covers
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    • created 01/21/15

    Where you come to get covers....or make them! Audition and set your price! Remember, we are always looking for new styles!

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3 months ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Figment is moving to Underlined! Either transition when Underlined opens or find a new writing website. Save your writing!


6 months ago Alexis Arevalo said:

If you are getting this then you are in my group “Make a Friend” This group has gone through ups and down and has become active and unactive. Im going to attempt again to get it running one last time. I’ve made a discussion called roll call. Please just make your presence known, so you can be in the group. All inactive members will be termitted.

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over 1 year ago Rebekah Fowler said:

Hi there! I’m leaving you this message to let you know that Covers by Rebekah is finally reopen! Head on over now to place an order for a book cover, group cover, or profile picture!


almost 2 years ago Alexis Arevalo said:

Just letting you know our Make a friend group im trying to start it off again. Havent even had wifi for like 2 months. But i am back and ready to start back up again. Hope you will join us.

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