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    Love, Miss Chubby

    by Casper Emmanuel

    Dear Someone-Out-There, I'm fat. I'm hideous. I'm an introvert. I'm a pathetic being that believes in true love but has never seen it. I'm me. ...

  • My last embrace (1)
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    My Last Embrace

    by Casper Emmanuel

    time... how i wish it can be bought. How i wish to turn it back with every ounce of my strength. maybe by then, I can have my Papa back.

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    I Wish...

    by Casper Emmanuel

    *WINTER WRITING CONTEST WINNER* Winter is one of the most special day for my family, and now one of the most sad. (please listen to "Winter So...

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    Wings of the Void

    by Casper Emmanuel

    When two souls are bound to meet. It breaks all the law


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Late Summer Reflections

(about 2 years ago)

what i noticed on the 5 poems... your strong points are image building. and dude that's awesome!!!! its one of the hardest if not the har... Read More »

(excerpt from Tarnished Reflections)

(almost 3 years ago)

wow. honestly this will pass for chapter 1. :) i was kinda put of with the "blood is drooling", id go for blood is trickling, oozing and... Read More »


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    A close-knit community of writers, friends, and the odd fire-breather or two.

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    Here you can ask Romance advice, ask about Romance stories, get reviews on you romance stories, and just talk about Romance.

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    Nope 027
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    A group dedicated to suicide prevention, awareness, and support. We're here to listen and help you. Hang in there. Remember, you are loved.

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    This group is for one and all! Join to have a voice, be noticed, and be Not Anonymous...

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