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    The old man

    by Zoey Wolfe

    A young girl meets an old man at a train station. Never could she have imagined the outcome of such a visit.

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    by Zoey Wolfe

    A young girl contemplates the meaning of time during war, and the outcomes of everything that surrounds her.


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His Leather Jacket

(about 3 years ago)

Hi there! this is for our swap!(you can read any of mine, whatever interests you more). I really loved this! It actually sounded like ... Read More »

Strange Girl

(about 3 years ago)

Hi there :) this is for our swap! First off, great job! I really enjoyed reading this! I really wanted it to continue and was quite di... Read More »

Talk to me!

Chamiso forest

almost 3 years ago Kerry Justine said:

Hi Zoey! Your response came at the perfect time. Please e-mail me at kjmillen@gmail.com so we can talk more. Thanks, and great to hear from you! --Kerry


almost 3 years ago Lexi C said:

Hey if you get the chance, I was wondering if you could take a look at either "We're Safe Now" (read as much as you want) or my short poem "For Anyone You Love". I would really appreciate it and would be willing to swap if you would prefer. Thanks! :)


about 3 years ago William Carter said:

Welcome to Figment, sort-of new person! Do you want to swap stories? I'll read one of yours if you'll read and comment on Demon, which is a short story. Let me know on my wall, and I really hope you have fun here! :D


about 3 years ago Paula Dean said:

Y'all read both my writings. short and sweet. like butter

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