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    Threads of Hope

    by Katie-Marie George

    In a futuristic world, The Purity Movement have risen. They have taken over everything.Everything. But one girl rises from the ashes of a family to...

  • Untitled
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    by Katie-Marie George

    This poem has been entered into a contest - and has now been properly published in an anthology! :) This is a personal poem about the struggles I...

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    by Katie-Marie George

    The woods. Curiosity. The unknown. Curiosity. A whistle. Curiosity. A coyote's cry.....

  • Dark angel
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    Wings of the Night

    by Katie-Marie George

    He has been born. An angel, with wings stained black. This dark colour has stained his soul also. What will arise from the creation of a dark angel...

  • Medusa
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    Medusa's Heart

    by Katie-Marie George

    WINNER of MythicalWorld contest! A young girl, cursed with the power of Medusa, struggles to overcome her power and live the ones she loves.Challen...

  • Dark angel
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    Angel Stained Black

    by Katie-Marie George

    She had been born dark. Her soul, her heart, her wings. Life had cursed her to live with pain. But she will be freed. But by who?

  • Millionaires
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    by Katie-Marie George

    WINNER of KingDork contest!!! It's based on the song Millionaires by The Script! Life is about the little moments that are made of gold, not the ...

  • Pen
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    Sincerly, Yourself

    by Katie-Marie George

    Another entry for the KingDork contest! This one is based on the song Conversations With My Thirteen Year Old Self by Pink. A teenage girl hide...

  • Love
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    Rhythm of Love

    by Katie-Marie George

    Love fuelled his music. But without her, how can he fuel his love? Inspired by a blend of the film If I Stay and the song For the First Time by The...

  • Rr2
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    Deadly Games

    by Katie-Marie George

    A short story. She was there for one reason, and one reason only. To make him pay. Based on the song Russian Roulette by Rihanna.

  • Wonderland
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    by Katie-Marie George

    *Currently under EDIT*

  • Elsa
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    Winter's Touch

    by Katie-Marie George

    Another poem! What if winter was a simply a misjudged, misunderstood person...

  • Summer 2
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    by Katie-Marie George

    A poem of Summer - the season of passionate heat, and cold water droplets...

  • Doll
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    The Others

    by Katie-Marie George

    A short poem - think you know the pretty girls? Think again...

  • Wings
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    Butterfly Wings

    by Katie-Marie George

    Yet another poem! This one is personal to me. A girl who's different from everyone else longs for wings of a butterfly...

  • Autumn
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    Colours of Autumn

    by Katie-Marie George

    Another poem for my college course! The autumn has so many colours, but how are they made?

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    For My Followers

    by Katie-Marie George


  • Sol
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    Seasons Of Love

    by Katie-Marie George

    "And no offence, but you always look so sad..." "And what's it to-" "Like you're waiting for someone." Story is now COMPLETE! Beware of some la...


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My Reviews

Open Eyes

(almost 3 years ago)

For my end of our swap! :) This is a great poem. I love the emotions you've put into this - I can feel the love and passion coming thr... Read More »

Paper Cut Hope

(almost 3 years ago)

For our swap! ;) First off, I love the cover - it fits well with the story! I absolutely love this. It's short and sweet, but is fill... Read More »


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    If you enjoy reading or writing anything romantic whether it be poems, short stories, or novels, then this group is for you!

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    TWR is a literature group created for all motivated and committed writers who would like a chance to develop and improve their writing through the feedback and support of others. It doesn’t matter if you write prose (novels, short-stories, fan-fiction, etc..) or poetry and song lyrics. Get ready to tear this group apart with your creativity and inspiration because this is an uprising of language and we want you to be a part of the writing phenomena.

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    This, is The Playground. Here, literate recess is forever. Novels, Poems, Short-Stories galore! If you want to have fun, get honest reviews, (and good ones too) then join now. There's plenty of room!

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    If you love to write poetry and take pride in your poems, join this group. We'll be able to discuss poetry, share poetry, get new ideas and learn more about each other and our writing styles!

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    A place where poets share their minds and love for the poetic arts! A place where any poet can write and fit in and share what they have! Anyone is welcome to join!

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4 months ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Figment is moving to Underlined! Either transition when Underlined opens or find a new writing website. Save your writing!



about 1 year ago Nessa Hansen said:

Hello there, a while ago I wrote a short story called Trickster for a contest. Since the contest is long over I decided to go back and re write and continue the story. So far I have 2 completed rough chapters with 2 more coming soon. If you would please re-read the story still under the title Trickster and leave a comment or review that would be great. Let me know if there is a story and/or poem you'd like me to read in return. Thank you!! Have a good day/night.


about 1 year ago A.R. KYRON said:

If you're suffering from any kind of mental disorder, depression or if you just feel lonely...there's a perfect group for you named 'Prisoner of our own world'

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over 1 year ago Ysabelle Lianne said:

Hello! Can I do you a swap? You are free to choose whatever books you'll read(in my profile)...

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