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(about 3 years ago)

OOOH! I didn't think it would be THIS good! And BTW, I liked the risks you took, nobody ever gets sexual with their Figment stories, and ... Read More »

Nowhere But Up

(about 3 years ago)

Really cool premise and execution! I like the retelling of genies, totally! Great job!! Read More »


  • Cover Bazaar

    Cover bazaar4
    • 33 members
    • created 02/26/12

    A group for cover designer's and aspiring cover designer's, and also those who need a cover or two, of course!

  • Cover Designs

    Main group banner
    • 1085 members
    • created 06/25/12

    This group has been disbanded as of April 28, 2017 due to the lack of activity both here on the group and on Figment in general.

  • Pro Covers

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    • 43 members
    • created 07/11/13

    Are you serious about a story or book? Let us help you guide you through it, and offer suggestions. We also create legal, professional-looking covers. We won't stop until you're satisfied!

  • Late Night Figs

    • 1003 members
    • created 09/13/11

    This group will serve as the home of the Late Night Figgies.

  • The Write-Reviewers

    • 550 members
    • created 09/13/11

    Hey there! This group is all about writing and reviewing. You can post a title of a work or a short piece in this group and someone will review it, but please, at some point return the favor.

Talk to me!


about 2 years ago Konri Gakusha said:

Hello, do you wanna swap? If so, please review either Unraveling or Hymn of the Wayward. In return, I will review whatever story you want me to (please give a review, not a comment).


about 2 years ago wolfgang said:

hey! i recently entered the figment files contest and i was looking for some feedback on my story, “unfall” (604 words).

it would be greatly appreciated if you could leave a comment on my book and i’ll do the same for one of your pieces of equal or similar length. but the only thing i ask is that you go first, as i want to review your work equal to the quality you have reviewed mine.

thank you for your time.

Magic fox profile legal with name2

about 2 years ago Naomi Folettia said:

Hi, I happened upon your profile and I just have to say, I like Under the Dome as well. It's too bad they had to cancel it :/


almost 3 years ago Mursal said:

Swap? If yes, please read Ricochet and heart/comment. If you don't have the time to read the whole thing, please read at least 3 chapters, and I'll read anything of yours and do the same. Thanks! ~Just Dance

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