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  • She promised
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    She Promised

    by Callie Blair

    An inheritance for Kerry meant not only millions of dollars, but a broken string of promises that he's left to finally bring closure to.

  • Penelope
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    Statistics Show

    by Callie Blair

    Statistics show the numbers of the harsh realities victims like myself are forced to face, and I have found that these numbers are surprisingly cor...

  • Passcode
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    by Callie Blair

    Throughout the duration of a school day, fellow students typically just attempt to coexist with each other until the final bell rings. Wyatt Fairoa...

  • Times passed on
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    Time Passed On

    by Callie Blair

    My entry for the June Writing Challenge. Despite tragedy, time continues to pass.

  • Summer of firsts
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    Summer of Firsts

    by Callie Blair

    {For the Summer Figgie Contest} It was going to be the summer of new beginnings. High school took it's toll on all of us, but none of that w...

  • A coward's crime
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    A Coward's Crime

    by Callie Blair

    Some mistakes are graver the others. Some mistakes can never be forgiven.

  • All our deepest desires
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    All Our Deepest Desires

    by Callie Blair

    Some people want nothing more than a good meal while others strive for much bigger goals. The problem is that no matter you start, the more you gai...

  • Img_0720
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    Your Best

    by Callie Blair

    Sometimes my best isn't the best.

  • Carved heart
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    Back Then, Back When

    by Callie Blair

    Back when I was young and pure, and back when my creativity was at it's rawest. These are the memories that make me draw inspiration like no other.


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My Reviews

Together We Fall

(about 3 years ago)

This is beautiful and heartbreaking. Your character was villainous for love, and that's a wonderful take. Read More »

Together We Fall

(about 3 years ago)

This is beautiful and heartbreaking. Your character was villainous for love, and that's a wonderful take. Read More »


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    This is a group where writers of different skill levels and interests can come together and create. Participate in monthly writing competitions and daily discussions. Oh, and free reviews!

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    For the minority of us who enjoy writing novels, novellas, and novelettes! Come here to swap with other novel writers, discuss ideas, etc.

  • The New Numbers

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    What if there were other Loriens sent to Earth other than 1-10?Back ups just in case the others fell?If they were in hibernation...

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