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    Am I?

    by B. H. Mallorie

    Am I is a collection of poems that will get longer, as I write the poems.

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    by B. H. Mallorie

    This was a project I had to do once. It's a description of a pencil, but I like it, so I am sharing it with you.

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    Box of Magic

    by B. H. Mallorie

    Off the Page contest winner! Carly finds a young prince in her basement and is struggling to deal with the fictional character coming to life. *n...

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    by B. H. Mallorie

    A second collection of poems that will get longer as I write them.


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(over 1 year ago)

This is a really great poem, and it tells a good story. I particularly find the change at the end interesting. Your lines went from shor... Read More »

Don't Be Afraid of the Beast

(over 1 year ago)

Karla, awesome story! I can see this going in a lot of different directions, all of them very awesome. I love the descriptions, particula... Read More »


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