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(about 3 years ago)

Incredible. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the unlikely friendship is the one the speaker has with his/herself? That's awesome. If it's not... Read More »

Catching a Butterfly

(about 3 years ago)

Well done! This was enjoyable! Grammar: 9/10, you misspelled one or two words and phrasing was a little awkward at times. Character... Read More »


  • Cover Designs

    Main group banner
    • 1088 members
    • created 06/25/12

    This group has been disbanded as of April 28, 2017 due to the lack of activity both here on the group and on Figment in general.

  • The Twice-Kept Land

    Dewdrops and sunshine
    • 3 members
    • created 09/02/14

    Dewdrops and Sunshine forever.

  • Camp Half-Blood RP

    • 6 members
    • created 08/05/14

    This group is open to all roleplayers but is more suited for advanced writers with a reasonable knowledge of Greek mythology and the Percy Jackson series.

  • Hogwarts (rp)

    Hogging warts
    • 3 members
    • created 07/23/14

    Like Harry Potter? Like RP? Like Harry Potter? Join this group!

  • Nice and Dandy Reviews

    • 138 members
    • created 06/26/14

    Are you tired of getting bad reviews? Have you ever gotten a review that just made you feel horrible? Are you looking for someone to read your work and actually enjoy it? We are here for you man.

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Flower- forgetmenot

5 months ago This is my childhood said:

Hey, I just met you! And this is crazy... But my book is called Varvana's Gift. Swap with me maybe? Thanks so much!


over 1 year ago Sariya Camp said:


over 1 year ago Arwen MW said:

Hey. Would you be willing to swap for one of my short stories? I would read anything of yours that you wanted. :)

Day of the dead twins

over 1 year ago Gem the Bookworm said:

Shakespeare Academy is a boarding school for kids with a love for the arts. A school for all you drama queens, singers, dancers and behind the scenes stage mangers. How much time you get in the spotlight is all up to you. Let the drama begin!


over 1 year ago Kelly Anne Blount said:

I apologize in advance if you have already received this advertisement

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