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  • Cerberus-2c1
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    by Julia Gonnello

    Brandon Sanderson contest entry Cassandra isn't merciful. she stops at nothing to have her way. She wants the world to tremble at her name. It do...

  • Hat
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    Miss Riddle

    by Julia Gonnello

    MythicalWorlds contest entry. MacKenzie Rightch finds herself in Harry Potters world, but its not the kind of thing she thought it would be. App...

  • Emerald-green-teardrop
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    Emerald Future

    by Julia Gonnello

    Autumn Falls contest winner! Gemma is your typical rich girl. Obsessed with herself and her looks. She decides to wear her Grandmother's emerald ...

  • Stack-of-books
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    Miss Cellaneous

    by Julia Gonnello

    It was the only book she ever completed, out of thousands. It was the only book she ever published, and she was dead when it was. There is a reaso...

  • Stock-footage-snow-outside-the-window-girl-looking-at-snow-flakes-falling-outside-the-window
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    by Julia Gonnello

    Winter Writing contest entry. Arabella and her little sister Scarlett live on a Montana farm. Everything is great, until a massive blizzard hits....

  • 20110217184554
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    by Julia Gonnello

    All the Bright Places contest entry.

  • Shooting star
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    The Flight of the Shooting Stars

    by Julia Gonnello

    Just a cute little poem about a girl watching a meteor shower.

  • Clockwork
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    by Julia Gonnello

    I turned a little comic into a short story. It's completely unedited, and just a raw idea at this point. I'll work out the kinks later. A girl...

  • Ble and white traitor
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    Blue and White Traitor

    by Julia Gonnello

    Shadow Scales contest entry Delilah, born a mermaid with the startling and strange ability to morph into a human at will. However, after the ...


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(almost 3 years ago)

Woah, at first I thought he had broken up with her or something, but, that took a different turn. The emotions of the characters are well... Read More »

See the Music

(about 3 years ago)

Beautiful. You can really experience the sensation here. A strong piece of work, with gorgeous description. You do a nice job of bringing... Read More »


  • DesignOrama!

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    • created 10/25/14

    This is a group dedicated entirely to covers and cover designing (as the name suggests) Think of it as a home for both writers/designers and those in need of beautiful covers for their writing!

  • Hogwarts School

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    • created 10/17/11

    This is mostly a roleplay group for Harry Potter fans. Come here, attend classes, learn spells, have fun!

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almost 2 years ago Andrea Maller said:

Hi! I’m working on a new novel called Vision Zero and I’m trying to get feedback to make it better. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I already asked. Thanks!


over 2 years ago David Livingston Hawkins III said:

In this roleplay Professor X. died years ago. Now a new group of X-Men try to rebuild his school and continue his legacy. They will face betrayal, drama, and heartbreak in this epic RP! http://figment.com/groups/32628-X-Men-RP/discussions/156692

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over 2 years ago FamouslyInfamous said:

Hello! I am sorry if you don't like advertisements or have already seen this. :)

over 2 years ago Jeanatte Hkm said:

Hey, would you like to swap? Please read Eyes Like Cole and comment or review. (You don't need to read all of it, just up to what you want.) And then when you're done you can comment what you'd like me to read.

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