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  • Someday cover
    • 347
    • 56


    by Garima Gupta

    Finalist in Patterson Contest - 500 word limit. EDITOR'S CHOICE. "She looked up into his eyes. These were not the eyes of a murderer. They coul...

  • Down with a fight cover
    • 35
    • 20

    Down With A Fight

    by Garima Gupta

    "I couldn't let her die, not like this." While everything is driving them apart, they still find a way to come together. However, nothing is withou...

  • Keeping up a facade cover
    • 137
    • 26

    Keeping up a Facade

    by Garima Gupta

    Finalist in AKA Contest - 1200 word limit. "Blood, I thought. I needed blood. I took out a knife, sliced my hand, and watched the blood drip in...

  • The park bench cover
    • 137
    • 32

    The Park Bench

    by Garima Gupta

    Finalist in First Love Contest - 1200 word limit. "You don’t deserve this. No one deserves this kind of pain, and I can’t see you like this." ...

  • Seeds of prison cover
    • 7
    • 1

    Seeds of Prison

    by Garima Gupta

    Hades has had another affair, but this time Persephone is out for revenge. It's All Greek to Me Flash Fiction Contest

  • Puppy dog eyes cover
    • 2
    • 1

    Puppy Dog Eyes

    by Garima Gupta

    Even three headed hellhounds living in the Underworld need some love. It's All Greek to Me Flash Fiction Contest

  • Spark cover
    • 0
    • 0


    by Garima Gupta

    Sometimes, even the king of Gods can fall. It's All Greek to Me Flash Fiction Contest

  • Personal delivery cover
    • 1
    • 0

    Personal Delivery

    by Garima Gupta

    Hermes hates the Underworld. All the darkness, skeletons, and lost spirits; ugh, it gives him the creeps! It's All Greek to Me Flash Fiction Con...

  • Amusement parks cover
    • 1
    • 0

    Amusement Parks

    by Garima Gupta

    Aphrodite loves amusement parks! That is until Hephaestus decides to play a little prank on her... It's All Greek To Me Flash Fiction Contest

  • Counting down the days cover
    • 1
    • 0

    Counting Down the Days

    by Garima Gupta

    "I am deathly afraid of losing him, and now my fear is becoming a reality." This story is inspired by and dedicated to my dad. This fantastic co...

  • This is war cover
    • 2
    • 3

    This is War

    by Garima Gupta

    "Jasmine felt the stares of everyone in the hallway. They all knew, and there was only one explanation for that." Rival Contest - 250 word limit

  • A little something called spring cover
    • 2
    • 0

    A Little Something Called Spring

    by Garima Gupta

    The Earth is beginning to change, and Aiden doesn't know what to make of these changes. No one has seen or experienced anything like this. Are thes...

  • His last breath cover
    • 171
    • 36

    His Last Breath

    by Garima Gupta

    Finalist in Fish Contest - 1200 word limit. EDITOR'S CHOICE. "Death. I had imagined it thousands of times in a thousand different ways, but...

  • Betrayal cover
    • 6
    • 3


    by Garima Gupta

    "We are real, and we live among humans. Pray to God you never have to meet one us, because if you do – chances are it won’t end well." Shape-Shifte...

  • Lifeless cover
    • 1
    • 1


    by Garima Gupta

    She just wanted her life to end, but instead, she ended someone else's. Orphan Contest - 250 word limit.

  • The last dance cover
    • 242
    • 42

    The Last Dance

    by Garima Gupta

    RUNNER-UP in Summer Romance Contest - 1200 word limit. INSPIRED BY Zach Sobiech's story and his song:

  • Drive thru cover
    • 3
    • 0

    Drive Thru

    by Garima Gupta

    Drive thru employees can be so frustrating, especially when you're in a hurry. Inspired by and dedicated to the absolutely hilarious Ellen DeGe...

  • Believing again cover
    • 15
    • 6

    Believing Again

    by Garima Gupta

    IF YOU HAVEN'T READ GEORGETOWN ACADEMY, YOU MIGHT BE CONFUSED! "Making a rash decision, Gabe slid his arms around Ellie’s waist and roughly pul...

  • Transformations cover
    • 134
    • 25


    by Garima Gupta

    Finalist in Kidnapped Contest - 1200 word limit. "He raised the gun. And fired." He's the best in his business and is on another mission. H...

  • Remember cover
    • 1
    • 0


    by Garima Gupta

    "I felt tears prick the corners of my eyes. I silently let them fall. What was happening to me?" Loop Contest - 450 word limit.

  • Releasing hope cover 2
    • 205
    • 30

    Releasing Hope

    by Garima Gupta

    Finalist in What If? Contest - 1200 word limit. What if there was no hope? "When there is nothing left, there is hope." This amazing co...

  • Misunderstood cover
    • 2
    • 0


    by Garima Gupta

    This is just a rewritten version of my other story Someday. Rumor Mill Contest - 500 word limit.

  • Red stained wrists
    • 4
    • 1

    Red-Stained Wrists

    by Garima Gupta

    "Then do it. I dare you to." Double Dare Contest - 150 word limit.

  • Together we fall 4
    • 437
    • 121

    Together We Fall

    by Garima Gupta

    Runner-up in Brandon Sanderson Contest - 1000 word limit. "Trying not to fall for you was like trying to swim with an anchor. And when I finally ga...

  • Guardian of the living
    • 1
    • 0

    Guardian of the Living

    by Garima Gupta

    Prompt: Write a story from the point of view of a ghost - 300 word limit.


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My Reviews


(almost 3 years ago)

I really liked this. You did a great job portraying emotions. I liked your use of repetition. I think that made this piece more powerful.... Read More »

If I Sink

(almost 3 years ago)

The descriptions you used were absolutely gorgeous. I could picture everything in my head. Your story is intriguing and left me wanting t... Read More »


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