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Written in the Scars

(23 days ago)

aghhh okay 2 things: 1: I'm so sorry for how long this has I mentioned a month ago, I've been busy, so thanks for being p... Read More »

Written in the Scars

(3 months ago)

Chapter 17: "Or they were just super lousy with their jobs" the phrase is more like "lousy at their jobs" than with their jobs "All... Read More »


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Talk to me!


about 1 month ago SemperConspexeram said:

Hello! I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you about your review of Shakria's Fall, but I felt I should answer your questions. First off, thank you for the tips and for pointing out what you struggled with, I have already made some adjustments and plan on making more. Also, thank you for pointing out chapter length. I have a bit of an issue with wanting to be more dramatic than necessary with my cutoffs so I'm very glad you pointed it out as it made me think about it (I do plan on combining them now when I have the time to sit down and really mess with it.)

The main thing I wanted to explain was the pronoun usage in the third chapter. I hadn't thought about it as you did before you brought it up; for me, I've used neutral pronouns in the day to day for a very long time and so it's usually my first reaction (if someone's not easily determined) to use they/them. I wanted to know if knowing that made it make more sense? I hope it did!

Thank you again for giving me such an insightful review and all the suggestions!

Kelsey chow

about 1 month ago Nocturne said:

Yeah I'm so used to putting everything on Figment too, like this is the place where I started posting my writing. Maybe Underlined will be more up-to-date and generally better than Figment. And yeah I guess when they set up Underlined and close Figment we can still keep in touch on Underlined!

Kelsey chow

about 1 month ago Nocturne said:

I KNOW!!!! I have so many mixed feelings about this, like on one hand it was a long time coming what with Figment being outdated and barely improving over the years, but on the other the site has been my main writing home, like I wouldn't be the writer I am now without all the people I've met and the feedback I've gotten.

I guess I'd say I'm looking forward to Underlined. I know that when it's set up I'll definitely check it out and make an account on there, so you'll see me with the same username and profile pic. What about you?


about 1 month ago Brody Ziegler said:

Would you like to swap?


about 1 month ago Sophia Edwards said:

I total get it. The school year is kicking everyone's butt lol. So how about, if we do continue reading it, we just leave a comment about our thoughts at the end. I really like your story, so I'll probably keep reading it. I'll just put some comments when I feel like I'm freaking out or at the end.

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