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Rainy Days

(8 months ago)

Disclosure. I have not reviewed any thing for quite some time. I am a little rusty but I will do my best. I will do my best to be tho... Read More »

The Escapism of Poetry

(over 2 years ago)

Who I Used to Be I like the way this is structured, it's almost fragmented like the thoughts of a person who is extremely distraught a... Read More »


  • Want to get your books reviewed?

    • 5190 members
    • created 09/13/11

    Or do you want someone to check out your book before it's published? Then this is your place. Just simply post the book (or draft) on the 'Members Books' section. Then review a book. Thanks :)

  • BFRB

    • 7 members
    • created 09/30/13

    Dermatillomania? Trich? Onychphagia? Any other BFRB? You're not alone! Join if you have any of these disorders or just want to know more about them!

  • We are more than our hair

    • 8 members
    • created 09/02/13

    This is for all you out there with trichotillomania: other people have it too! Join to support people with trich, people that think they might have trich, and people that used to have trich.

  • In memory of Alena Ruth Nightoak

    Remembering alena
    • 1 member
    • created 04/05/13

    Remembering a beautiful girl who is no longer with us. Fighting against bullying.

  • I <3 Wisconsin!

    • 23 members
    • created 10/15/12

    Whether its the food, the activities or just the Green Bay Packers, you've GOT to love Wisconsin!!!

Talk to me!


6 months ago Michael said:

Hey Carleen, you probably don't remember me but we used to talk 4 years ago, I Just wanna say sorry for putting you in the middle of some petty drama, and I want to thank you for helping me as a person. Hope you are doing good!


8 months ago Lauren Fricke said:

Thanks for the swap! If there is another piece you want me to read for the 'Two for One', just let me know!!


over 2 years ago Ashlie L said:

You're very welcome, I'm glad that I could help. No rush, get to it when you can. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and congrats!


over 2 years ago EbonyBird said:

In the Ultimate Swapsville you can look through the work of others for a piece that interests you and swap in exchange for what you want read. Don't waste your time reading a piece of writing you won't enjoy! Choose equal length writings to swap. Get someone who appreciates the same genre as you write to read your writing! Get feedback! Never exchange a long review for a simple comment again. Or, don't have a long review expected of you. Improve your writing and get it out there! Sorry, usually I wouldn't be so propaganda-y but the more members the better :)


over 2 years ago Lucy Marie said:

Haha it's no problem! :) Thanks for swapping!!

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