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    Breaking Pace

    by Scorpio Ryder

    This was for an english assignment i did during my freshman year of high school. We had to write a true narrative essay, and I made mine about trac...

  • 66935a
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    Be Strong

    by Scorpio Ryder

    A Narrative Poem about the holocaust. Based off of survivors accounts, but the characters are fictional, and there may be some rearrangement of th...

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    by Scorpio Ryder

    A story about a teenage hacker, NASA, a contest, and a foreign threat. It's long, but anyone who wants to read it, comments and reviews are greatl...

  • Jah
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    by Scorpio Ryder

    ** In PROGRESS!! ** Photo credit to my little sister, who helped create the design ** Thia is a mysterious girl who has a dark past. Matt is a boy ...

  • Sgljiahek
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    by Scorpio Ryder

    July Challenge Winner! 750 words limit --> Except I have added an additional chapter because of the many comments saying I should add more, but sin...

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    Vengeance of a God

    by Scorpio Ryder

    *Finalist (THANK YOU, for those of you who voted/hearted/and or gave me great advice!)* Imagine a world where sickness could vanish- a world where ...

  • Your picture, master 2015-11-05 at 1.20.02 am
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    Nothing. Nothing at All.

    by Scorpio Ryder

    This is only a first draft!!! Annie is the youngest in her family with three older brothers, and while she tries to get them to acknowledge her as ...


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My Reviews

Reluctant Acceptance

(almost 3 years ago)

I like how this kind of reflects a story, and yet also is like a letter to someone. It has an interesting intensity that builds up toward... Read More »

Don't Just Ignore

(almost 3 years ago)

Oh wow. I love this one as well. The rhyme help the flow feel really smooth, and I felt like the message was conveyed powerfully. It feel... Read More »


  • C.F.T. (Christian Fellowship Thread)

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    A site where Christians and Jesus freaks alike can fellowship as one without the harsh outside world there to beat them down.

  • Anime アニメ

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    This is a group for all anime lovers. It includes games,rps, and other fun activities.

  • Loki

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    • created 05/27/12

    For all those who love the vastly misunderstood Norse god of mischief, most notably as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston in Thor and The Avengers.

  • The Sherlockians

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    • created 01/31/12

    Anything and everything that has to do with Sherlock. The TV show, not the books. But you can fangirl about those here too.

  • Miyazaki Fan club

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    • created 10/16/11

    For all those who love Spirited Away, Howl`s Moving Castle, Porco Rosso, etc. Join even if you dont know him but love anime or manga :D

Talk to me!


2 months ago Joe Williams said:

Unfortunately figment is closing down. If you would like to stay in touch you can reach out to me at, at the profile JoeWilliams123. See my profile page for other details about contacting me.


4 months ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Figment is moving to Underlined! Either transition when Underlined opens or find a new writing website. Save your writing!


over 1 year ago Sekerya Mackenzie said:

I am so glad I came across "Breaking Pace." You have a real talent for capturing a bundle of emotion at once. I struggle with that, so I admire your work.

As a fellow runner, I agree running is an art of sorts. I have been running track since I was eight and I have an extreme passion for hurdles. Training is everything, and I love how you touched on that. An entire summer of training for one race; that's exactly how it is.

It actually took me six years to break into long distances, because I've always ran the sprints. For the last year, I've started heptathlons and it has become my focus, but I still run individual events.

I love your story(s)!


almost 2 years ago Austere Rex said:

Hey there! Would you like to swap? :D Please give me your feedback on 'Myth no. 1121301' Thank you! Write on my profile what you want me to read!


about 2 years ago joel beebe said:

sorry nevermind

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