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  • Befunky_a_candle_in_the_dark_by_soraferret.jpg
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    The Inevitable Darkness

    by Cate Eliot

    Metaphorical idea that came and didn't stop. One of my favorite pieces.

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    by Cate Eliot

    ***GRAND PRIZE WINNER OF THE BEAUTIFUL LIES CONTEST!*** They were going to come back for me. (For Flash Fic Day 2)

  • Befunky_sass.jpg
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    by Cate Eliot

    I wouldn't really say I'm a stalker. For the Interlochen Flash Fiction Contest.

  • Befunky_tarot
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    by Cate Eliot

    She thought the whole idea was a joke, but got something a little...unexpected. For the Psychic/Full Moon Kisses Contest

  • Snaps2
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    by Cate Eliot

    With just a snap of my pretty little finger, I could have it all.

  • Befunky_yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss.jpg
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    A Reniassance Woman

    by Cate Eliot

    I was his secret. Perhaps his little secret hidden away in the back of history book to be forgotten and forgiven. But I was there, never the less...

  • Hiaku
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    Shards of a Glass Heart

    by Cate Eliot

    The matters of the heart most often leaves those involved shattered and alone. (InkHaiku entry).

  • Befunky_minerva.jpg
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    Head Girl

    by Cate Eliot

    The world knows her as the brave and stoic Transfiguration. Her students know her as their strict, but fair professor. The Dark Lord knows her as...

  • Loove
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    Books of Love

    by Cate Eliot

    There was only one problem with the love of my life. Fictionalize Yourself, Day Four.

  • Befunky_kaya 2.jpg
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    by Cate Eliot

    Princess Kaya Grace is haunted by the past. Commoner Ana Kae is a quick witted thief. With war on the way, both must band together before turmoil...

  • Befunky_fat.jpg
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    Wedding Dress Fate

    by Cate Eliot

    I always fancied myself a hero. For the FigmentFate contest.

  • Secret
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    Other Side of the Glass

    by Cate Eliot

    They waited on the other side of the glass, waiting to see which one of the three would confess first.

  • Befunky_sestina.jpg
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    Sestina Dance

    by Cate Eliot

    A Sestina Poem about the chance meeting of an ebony haired girl and the boy with the blue bowtie.

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    The Hum in her Head

    by Cate Eliot

    What did you say to someone who knew you less than a stranger? A grandmother memoir.

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    by Cate Eliot

    The smell of hot rubber erasers and old acrylic paint spills filled the room. The Art Haven School of the Arts was alive with energy. A memoir. Fo...

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    Paper Cut Hope

    by Cate Eliot

    ***WINNER of March Madness Round 1*** "You pierce my soul. I'm half agony--half hope." She holds on because it's the only thing she knows.

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    by Cate Eliot

    "Tango 8 to Juliet at central. The target is on the move." Round 2 Entry of MarchMatch Up. #marchmatchup2

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    Playground Battles

    by Cate Eliot

    ***WINNER of March Madness Round 2*** "That plan didn't fly genius, and now we're down a turret!" This was no game. #MarchMatchup Round 2.

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    Mirror, Mirror

    by Cate Eliot

    "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" She wasn't sure she knew who was looking back. Round Three of March Matchup.

  • Musings
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    Musings of a Wandering Mind

    by Cate Eliot

    A collection of my daily themes, prompts, and knick knacks of the mind.

  • Befunky_chromatic_1.jpg
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    Nurmengard Chains

    by Cate Eliot

    1944. Albus Dumbledore and several teams of Aurors liberated Nurmengard Prison. What they found surprised them; her name was Minerva McGonagall an...


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Long May I Reign

(over 2 years ago)

Feedback on III (GRAMMATICAL): "...something." ---> insert indention, Comma after "Of course", "rightful king but" ---> commas after ... Read More »

Long May I Reign

(over 2 years ago)

Feedback as requested on II: (GRAMMATICAL): "..was dead" ---> indent and create new paragraph for attention and emphasis. "people mo... Read More »


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Clary frost

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over 1 year ago Arabella Starr said:

Hi I'm Arabella,

Maybe you've never read any of my stories or heard me but I'm a romantic soul who loves a good story. I have a feeling one of your new favorites is waiting for you on my page.

Have a lovely day


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