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  • Times of war yes
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    Times of War

    by meg

    The Revolutionary War is on its way, Cornwallis is readying his troops, and loyalist Anastasia is just worried about getting another cup of tea. Un...

  • Pay phone conscience girl
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    Pay Phone Conscience Girl

    by meg

    They say "perfect" and "lovely" and "well behaved" and "good". How about proving them wrong? (Formerly titled "Ever in Your Favor")

  • A photo
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    Sensible People

    by meg

    There are people- sensible people, loafer wearing people, people who never dance in the rain or jump in puddles- that tell me things can't happen. ...

  • The twelve loves
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    The Twelve Loves of My Life

    by meg

    Ariana's writing a letter to twelve different guys, and none of them have any clue why... And they won't be thrilled when they find out.

  • Taken in wonder new
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    Taken in Wonder

    by meg

    Peyton was always told not to speak to strangers. But now that her father's left and her mother's to blame, it seems the perfect time to be breakin...

  • Reluctant yes
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    by meg

    Rowan wakes up on the second of September in a strange room with a strange boy sitting beside her. His name is Will Langely, and he says he's her h...

  • New coffee & gasoline
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    Coffee and Gasoline

    by meg

    Coffee and gasoline. Early mornings and late nights. Striped shirts and watching the skyline. Making too much noise in six inch heels. Anya and Jay.

  • Things possibility2
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    Things in Long and Short

    by meg

    "It's time to tell you," my mother had said, "about how things are different in our family." "Different?" I had asked, wide-eyed and innocent and ...

  • Putahandovermyeyes2
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    Put a Hand Over My Eyes

    by meg

    It was a dare, asking Ethan out, that's all it was. Chelsea didn't even think he was going to say yes. And she certaintly didn't know he was blind,...

  • From fish to
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    From Fish to (Eye)Glasses

    by meg

    *FEATURED ON HOME PAGE* Five things I'll consider saying when my extended family asks me what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving, but will probobly...

  • Atthelake
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    Our Last Night at the Lake

    by meg

    It was our final last day of high school at Saint Mary's, and we were going to make the most of it. And making the most of anything at Saint Mary's...

  • We said a lot of things offical
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    We Said A Lot of Things

    by meg

    It was the biggest lie we ever told, and it almost ate us alive. The thing was, no one really knew how to stop it. This is what we did, and this ...

  • Apocalyptic
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    Unenthused Apocalyptic

    by meg

    "I'll stand.... instead, just another unenthused victim of the great apocalypse." A poem, about dystopian societies and giving up to wait in a line.

  • Speaking easy new and perfect
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    Speaking Easy

    by meg

    It's the era of Gatsby but none of them know him. Rose, Beatrice, and June are flappers in New York- bobbed hair, drinks in hand, beaded skirts, an...

  • Wawr
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    Where Are We, Really?

    by meg

    A poem about places and states of mind and where we belong.

  • Counting
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    Counting the Seeds

    by meg

    Everyone knows what the queen of the gods did to her wandering husband's half-breed heroes. But, honestly- how did they all expect her to leave his...

  • The lights stay
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    The Lights Stay Lit

    by meg

    A vague description of death-at-first-sight.

  • Jenna and dean offic
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    Jenna and Dean

    by meg

    Leather jackets and string bracelets. Braided hair and nicotine patches. Garage roofs and utter silence. Jenna and Dean. *It'll be just a short sto...

  • Salt and conference room c
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    Salt and Conference Room C

    by meg

    He could be any of your fathers. But when, on May 13th, Fred recieves an anonymous postcard, he throws salt over his shoulder, and decides to obey.

  • Poetry
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    i close my eyes when we go up the hill

    by meg

    A poetry collection

  • Brave face text
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    Brave Face

    by meg

    Don't plant flowers. Don't enter the forest in a fog. Don't try to enter dreams that are not your own. Meryl Eleanor Park lives in the city of ...

  • All heart cover final
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    All Heart

    by meg

    Marriage was easier when Henry had a soul.


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Fading Fast

(almost 3 years ago)


Old Masterpieces

(over 3 years ago)

You posted it! I'm putting my impressions/comments/favorite parts here (as I did on your wall earlier). "s-h-h, little sister" becaus... Read More »


  • Writers Co-operative

    Writers co-op2
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    • created 05/30/14

    If writing is your thing, but promoting it isn't...come no further!

  • Fig Leaves

    Fig leaves
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    • created 03/01/14

    Picking the best of Figment, one leaf at a time... Authorial recommendations from many good people to read! updated weekly.

  • Fading Fast

    • 4 members
    • created 02/22/14

    A group to discuss the Figment novel, Fading Fast. Produce theories of your own, have a Q&A with the characters, make suggestions, and ask questions to the author about behind-the-scenes!

  • Standing in Fire Book Club

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    • created 01/26/14

    Because we need a place to talk to the characters and post songs like What Makes You Beautiful (literally Jason's anthem) and because basically, it is good and Aerin would never make it for herself.

  • The Official Rules Fan Club

    Untitled rob
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    • created 12/06/13

    Ship Robbie and Juliana from CR Chamberlain's hit book Juliana? Well, here you can discuss them behind their backs, chat to them directly, post pics, beg for spoilers, or simply fangirl! :D

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Me 1963

6 months ago Linda D said:

I don't know if you are on Figment much anymore. But I just wanted to let you know that "If the Shoe Fits" has been published and is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


over 1 year ago callie ann said:

Ello! How are you doing? Do you care to swap? (: if so, can you read Her Last Wish and let me know what you think? It is in poetry form just to let you know and the first part is 22 chapters but you don't have to read it all. Anyways, let me know. (: Thank you and have a lovely day/night~


over 1 year ago Ninja Reader Aerin said:

FABULOUS. Add me back?


over 1 year ago Ninja Reader Aerin said:

d'ya have a goodreads?? I just joined to keep track of my books read this year

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