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My Reviews

My blue eyed angel

(over 1 year ago)

Hello, I'm here keeping up my end of the swap agreement. So, I like the story idea so far, and I'm guessing you're still a relatively new... Read More »

The Untamed

(over 2 years ago)

Hello. I am following through with my end of our swap. So, I read everything and I absolutely love the concept of this story and the di... Read More »


  • Jonas FANCLUB

    Jb logo
    • 2 members
    • created 05/25/16

    This is a group where Figgies young and old alike can come and share their undying love of all things Jonas.

  • The Apocalypse

    • 5 members
    • created 12/31/15

    Right now, everyone seems interested in the end of the world. Whether it's zombies or a natural disaster, people are obsessed with the world ending.

  • Trivia Geeks

    • 17 members
    • created 10/12/15

    Think you really know your stuff? Wanna earn some hearts, covers, or even reviews? Join in on some trivia fun with weekly challenges, extended competitions, games, and more! NEW CHALLENGE COMING SOON!

  • Rose's Covers

    Roses covers banner 2
    • 33 members
    • created 07/17/13

    Do you need covers for your lovely writing? How about joining in on some contest fun? This is the group for you, just drop on won't be sorry. We have cookies! muhahahaha

  • Let's Be Realistic!

    • 5 members
    • created 01/17/15

    This group is for realistic fiction writers and readers. I'm not saying all your books have to be realistic fiction, if you want to join, then join. Realistic fiction is my favorite genre to write!

Talk to me!


2 months ago Queen of Monster said:

If u have google hangout follow me

Writers will write

4 months ago Abigail Mabry said:

Hey, its Abby. I wrote my blue eyed angel and i wanted to let you know that im rewriting it on my new account. i forgot my password so i re-did everything.let me know what you think


5 months ago Queen of Monster said:

Thanks for a follow :)


12 months ago Mercury Winters said:

Hey! This is Mercury- I just came back to Figment after taking a long break. I've been rewriting my novel "The Waiting Room" and have the first chapter up. I would love some feedback on it so far. In exchange, I will happily read or review anything you'd like! Thank you and let me know if you're interested :)


12 months ago Selina Kreamelmeyer said:

Hello! I was wondering if you would be willing to do a swap with me? If so could you please read my story Blood Crazed (only 36 minutes reading time) and leave an honest opinion for me and let me know what I could read in return for you. I hope to hear from you!

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