Guidelines for Figment Posting and Participation

Figment is, above all, a community of writers, run on respect for one another. Treat all users with kindness so that any Fig, new or old, feels comfortable using the forums, entering contests, and sharing work!

What is and is not acceptable is a complicated and sensitive issue, and we understand that the appropriateness of certain topics in your writing depends on context and your particular storyline. Keep your comments, posts, or groups appropriate for all ages.

Enforcement of all guidelines is ultimately subject to the discretion of the Figment moderators. Moderators can delete accounts and/or any other content on Figment without notice. If at any time you feel the need to question a moderator’s actions, please email us at

Don’t Antagonize Other Users

1.     Name calling, bullying, threats, mocking, and hurtful/negative comments in the forums, on a user’s wall or in books will be deleted.

2.     Excessive/hateful cursing for any reason in forum threads is not allowed.

3.     Cursing in forum titles, groups, and book titles is not allowed.

4.     Flaming or fomenting trouble is extremely disruptive, and all such content will be deleted.

5.     Racist and/or bigoted content is never allowed. All such content, without sufficient context, will be deleted.

6.     Crude language is not allowed. While you may be used to certain words, others on the forums are not. Please keep the forums, groups, and comments appropriate in all ways.

7.     Rude or hateful attacks on the Moderators, Admins, or against Figment or its affiliates will be deleted.

8.     If you are having issues with other users, whether they are harassing you, not following guidelines, or being disruptive on Figment, you can email the moderators at Please include a link to the post, comment or group you are reporting.

Keep it Legal

9.     Discussion of illegal activity and/or the promotion of criminal activity without sufficient context is not permitted and will be removed at the moderators’ discretion

10.  Sexual references and drug and alcohol references that are contextualized as part of a story are acceptable. Forums, groups, or comments that are overly sexual, provocative, have violent sexual references or drug and alcohol references, will be removed at the moderators’ discretion.

11.  Pornography in any form will be removed by the moderators.

Don’t Steal

12.  Plagiarism, or the act of posting another person’s work as your own or without proper citation, is not only unacceptable but illegal in certain circumstances, and will NOT be tolerated. Users found plagiarizing may have their accounts deleted at the moderators’ discretion.

13.  Hijacking another user’s account, impersonating another user, or impersonating a moderator, is highly disrespectful and is NOT allowed.

14.  Figment operates in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. You can find our full policy towards copyrighted works here.

Keep Personal Information Private

15.  Sharing personally identifying information is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, links to personal sites, and usernames for other sites. We highly encourage you to keep your personally identifying information to yourself. Moderators will delete any personal information.

16.  Posting outside URLs, whether they are a link or typed out, is prohibited. The only URLs that will be allowed are those associated with Figment and its affiliates or partners. All URLs posted will be checked and are subject to deletion by the moderators.

17.  Posting personal information about another user in a public forum is NOT allowed, and such content will be deleted at the moderators’ discretion. This includes any information on contacting a user outside of

Don’t Spam

18.  Promoting or selling items on Figment is not allowed. This includes commercial and personal solicitation of goods.

19.  Spam on Figment will be removed at the moderators’ discretion. Spam threads include blank threads, multiple threads in a short period of time, excessive bumping, as well as multiple meaningless comments.

Et cetera

·         Contests: Please refer to individual contests for their specific rules. 

·         All posts on Figment are subject to removal at Figment’s discretion.

·         Contact Information: Users are responsible for registering for Figment with active email accounts. Users are responsible for all correspondence sent to their registered email accounts, regardless of whether or not they acknowledge that correspondence.

·         Fan Fiction: Fan fiction is allowed. HOWEVER, be sure to give the original book title and author in the writing’s description. Always give credit where credit is due.

·         Figment reserves the right to suspend and IP ban accounts due to repeated Guideline Violations. 

·         If you have any questions on the Figment Community, that are not related to the Forums, please contact us at

·         For questions on the Forums, wall comments, suspensions, deletions, groups or to report posts or inappropriate behavior, please email us at

·         For technical support, such as changing your email address, please email us at

Thanks for joining Figment!

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