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Star Wars Gray Rebellion

we are not usually picky but we will be this time. please ask before you join this is an advanced rp and you must be open minded to all star wars lore not just the cannon.we will answer any questions.

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It's been three years since the empire rose to power and threw the galaxy into dismay. Ji'Kinne Kalosunne and his group of jedi survivors believe they are truly the last jedi alive after traveling the galaxy and reuniting with their lost brethren only to see them fall by the hands of the dark and powerful inquisitors of the empire. still searching for complete answers about what really happened to the jedi and the grand republic but with none in sight, Ji'Kinne is forced to return home to naboo with his comrades defeated and in need of a long deserved rest. 

(none of this will ever be cannon so if there are inconsistencies with the cannon be open minded this is just to have fun with the universe in our own way. If you cant handle that this isn't for you.)

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