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Despair High (RP)

You wake up in a high school. The windows are boarded up and there's no way of escape. Well... there is one way to get out. Cold blooded murder.

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*Based on the game Danganronpa!*


  You wake up in Beri High, a prestigious school you and others whom you've never met before now reside. The last thing you remember is walking into the school gates and fainting, only to wake up in a classroom.

  All windows are boarded up, and the exit is guarded by top machinery. Nobody questions it at first, until someone comes into view.

  "Welcome to Beri high, everyone! I hope you enjoy it here... because it's where you'll be staying for the rest of your life."

  Everyone is dumbstruck by the sudden announcement. Why are they there? This is illegal! Surely the police will find them and save them...

  "However, there is one way to get out," That haunting voice says. "You have to murder a fellow classmate... and get away with it."

  Each character you make will be an "Ultimate". This means that they are the very best at what they do. Whether it be "Ultimate Chef" or "Ultimate Gamer". You name it! However, if your characters Ultimate doesn't go well with the plot (example: you shouldn't have something like "Ultimate Murderer"), then I will politely ask you to change it.

  The murderer will be selected by an online generator. I, the admin, will post on your profile to tell you if your character is the murderer! You are allowed to refuse, of course. Please check your page as much as possible, and don't look at other peoples! That'd ruin the fun :)

  When a murder takes place, everyone will go to a "class trial". This means they must find out who murdered who. If that murderer isn't caught, then they will remain in the school and be unable to become a victim of murder. Once there are only the successful murderers left, those murderers will be able to escape. (PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR CHARACTER CAN DIE AT ANY TIME. THERE WILL BE NO CHOICE AS TO WHETHER OR NOT YOU WANT A SPECIFIC CHARACTER TO LIVE.)

  In this school, who can you trust?

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