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Goodbye Figment! <3

This is a group where we can all come together to say our final goodbyes to the wonderful online family called figment ;(

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Hello figgie friends. It is extremely saddening to hear that figment is being Underlined, but I thought that it would be good to start a group where we can all come together to say goodbye, share new websites, and just talk  a little and share memories from the past figment. Maybe we can even try to stop the underlining of figment. I have been on this site for over 6 years and have made awesome friends, grown as a write and role player, and this has been my online family for a long time. I hope that you all will join so that I can have everyone together to say goodbye to and find out where you all are going so that hopefully we can keep in touch over the oncoming years. Once again it is very sad that figment will be leaving the internet soon and I hope that I can stay in touch with all of you in the future on other websites (Not as good as figment thought...)

With Love; 



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