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The Blame Game(RP/Game)

One of us must die, but the killer won’t survive. Details inside----->

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You awaken in large room, lying on a sleeping bag with a pillow. Feeling like a bug in a washing-machine, you re-orient yourself, remind yourself which was is up and which way is down, relieving your pounding head. 

Around you are several other people, some asleep, others awake. Those awake seem to be just as confused as you are. Immediately your heart jumps to your throat. In a dazed panick, you begin to wonder where you are, pondering whether you should fear for your life or not. Your thoughts jump to your friends and family , whether they're searching for you, if they are okay or wondering where you are, to how long you've been trapped in here, to how this happened from the last thing you remember doing. 

Surveying the room to regain your bearings and keep your cool, you absorb your surroundings. On the ceiling are several fluorescent lights. The hardened, brutalist look of the room, with it's cement, pipes and metal seem to suggest that you are somewhere underground, in a basement or bunker somehow. The floor, perplexingly, is carpeted. In the center of the room is a large, black floor table, perhaps large enough that everyone in the room would have a place on it. Aside from this table there are two doors on one side of the room, a men and woman sign on each (presumably bathrooms) on the other side, a large screen with speakers displaying a digital countdown labelled 'Kill clock'. Cameras are mounted on each four corners of the room, ensuring there is no blind spot to hide underneath. Water fountains with displays as to how much water is currently held within can be found on either side of both doors. On the ceiling is a large, rectangular grate panel with a ladder which can be seen hanging from inside, presumably a door. The door from which you and your peers descended from. 

After a few minutes, which seemed like hours, the screen buzzed to life displaying a figure dressed in a suit. His face and features are covered in static. The speakers blared strange, distorted music, however, upon closer inspection, the music seemed to be what sounds like 50s style infomercial music horribly distorted and mixed in a strange and disturbing way. As the music continued the static figure spoke in a distorted, metallic, raspy voice with a thick Brooklyn accent;

"The lot of you don't have the finesse or the the charm to be a private eye. That much is evident. Though, that doesn't change the fact that a you'll need to fit the bill, whether you like it or not. Y'see, I've a vested interest in what makes people tick. Not just a certain type of people, but all kinds. That's why I've brought each and every single one of you here today. Each and every single one of you are unique, special. The personality traits, the quirks and the different mentalities each and every single one of you hold will help you in your endeavors. What endeavors? The kind of endeavors you'll need to go through in order to win the prize of this game; your life. That being said I'm gonna explain the rules of this 'game' right now. And of course, this lovely game will be hosted by yours truly, The Administrator, moi. The lot of you are trapped within this facility at an undisclosed, but guaranteed remote, location. Squeal like a pig, scream as much as you will, ain't no one gonna hear you but the crows. Among you is a serial killer. A highly dangerous one, and not to mention a damned good actor. Give that person a goddamn oscar, lord almighty. Each and every single one of you is armed with a knife for your self-defense. Excited yet, sweetheart? Well hold on to your asshole, cause it gets better. Every three hours, as displayed on the 'kill clock', the lights in this room will go completely dark for one full minute and the killer will have free reign to do whatever he or she wishes to the lot of you. Your job is to find out who the killer is and skull-fuck them with your knife, for your own safety of course. Don't worry though, I'll leave a hint every three hours to help you figure out who it is. By the way, don't try anything cute in the bathrooms, I have cameras set up in there too, you just can't see them. I will dispense enough food, water and toiletries for each and every single one of you each day. Not a plentiful amount, but enough for each of you to survive. There are pillows and sleeping bags for each of you. This room is supplied with two bathrooms, one for the men and another for the women. That's about it. Remember, don't let your guard down, and uh... have fun. Wouldn't be a game if we didn't, now did we?"

Your heart begins to pound and sweat begins to form at your brow as you hear the message. Those around you in the room glance at each other nervously, digging into their pockets to find a switchblade inside. As you nervously eye the others, the screen goes to black and the music fades. Only one thing is displayed on the screen now; a digital countdown starting from three hours. 

How this will work

There will be several rounds for the game/rp in the form of a discussion. Each survivor of each round will succeed into the next round. This means that any of your characters are qualified to be chosen to die every three hours. Speaking of which, The Administrator (Me) will post an update every once in a while to display the current status of the room. Things like the number of deaths, information about the killer, the time displayed on the Kill Clock, how much water is left in the water fountains, etc. Take this as an example: 

Kill Clock Time: 02:37:45

Water: 13 Gal.

Deaths: Joshua Garrett, Gwen liu, Edward Graham, Stacy Lee-Johnson

Hint: The killer is prone to anger issues and often has fits/mood swings.

These updates will be used to aid the players (you) in the game/RP. Once the timer runs out, a random character from one of you guys will be chosen to be the victim of the next attack. I will role a die, with anything from 1-3 resulting in that the chosen victim escaping the attack and 4-6 resulting in their death. This is a key factor in the game, so be prepared to lose at least one of your characters. Because of this, I will allow each player to have a maximum of three characters, so that if one of their characters is killed, they won't be out of the game indefinitely until the next round. In terms of how I will be choosing the characters who will die/who will be the serial killer for each round, each of the characters' names will be put into a randomized choosing generator. If one of your characters is chosen to be the serial killer I will notify you by posting a comment on your profile, which I'll be trusting you on deleting once you are notified of it (so we don't have any sneaky snoopies finding out who the killer is early and ruining the fun.) With that being said, let's all have fun :)


-No godmoding/gary-stu-ing/mary-su-ing.

-Write in full prose, it doesn't have to be perfect, just don't make my eyes bleed.

-If you have beef with someone, be a responsible and mature person and take it up with them outside of the RP. 

-Any bullying, controversial remarks and crude or distasteful statements OUTSIDE of RP will not be tolerated.

-A total of three characters are allowed at a time. If one of your characters is killed, you can make another one to be added to the next round.

-If you're planning on something big like starting a relationship with another character, killing another character or killing off your own character, take it up with that person first and plan ahead. Stuff like that will have a dramatic effect on the direction the RP will go. 

-This is a Mature RP, stuff like sex, blood/gore, drugs and alcohol WILL be a part of this RP, if you're uncomfortable with that stuff, it's probably best you leave. 

-Have fun. Or else. 

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