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School of Magic

A place where magic dwells and anyone could get the chance to get into. As long as you believe. Watch out for enemies and solve the secrets to uncover the mystery behind the school.

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Welcome to Bixorth, Academy of Magic. A place full of secrets and lots of personality. To be able to see the Academy you have to believe and if you don't believe, you'll seem crazy. The place is like Hogwarts but with more challenges. They have the same similarities except tons more adventure. You'll be able to ride animals, tame majestic beasts and other tons of stuff of you can think of. 

But at the moment the school is under some sort of spell. It hasn't been the same and it's chosen a few magical people to help it. There's an enemy and it's causing beasts to get sick and go on a rampage in the city where all the muggles (normal humans) live. There's even a secret behind the school no one knows or understands. No one has been able to solve it, or if someone has they never lived to tell that tale. Will you be the person to help save the world and even unlock the secrets into the past? Or not? 



1. No goddmodding

2. Be nice

3. No sexual interactions. You can have boyfriends and girlfriends but nothing too sexual. And if it gets that far, new chat!

4. Have fun

5. Don't be a bully

6. Come to the leaders for help or ask in a questions chat

7. You can have powers and pets

8. As many characters as you wish as long as you use them all

9. If you have an intention to stay, then stay. If not, go ahead and leave. But if you made a character they will be killed off or used by someone else.

10. I may not be on as much considering I don't have my school laptop yet and I'm using someone else's 

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