Figment FAQs


What browsers work best with figment? – The Figment website has been tested and approved on multiple browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.
Are there size limitations for images submitted for my profile? Your profile image should be 175px × 175px.
Are there size limitations for images submitted for cover art? Your cover image design should be 160px x 200px.
I forgot my password – how do I get a new one? When attempting to log in to Figment select the link, ‘Forgot your password?’, enter the email address you signed up to Figment with and follow the reset password instructions in your email.
What is the figment mobile address? The mobile address for the Figment website is
Is there a mobile app? When on a mobile device, point your mobile browser to We are currently in the developmental stages of creating an official Figment app!

My Writing

How do I remove work that I no longer wish to be public? When on the Figment website click My Writing, locate the story you would like to delete and click ‘Destroy’ to remove it from the website.
How do I add tags? When editing your content via the My Writing tab, click Details and add your tags separated by commas in the Tags field on the right-side of the page.
Can I delete tags? Absolutely! When editing your content via the My Writing tab, click Details and add/remove your tags in the Tags field on the right-side of the page.
Do I have to submit cover art? Personalized cover art is not required. A general Figment cover design will be added to your story automatically.
How do I update/edit/change a story? Click the My Writing tab and click on the title of the story you would like to edit or update.
Who owns my writing? You do! You wrote it, you own it. Posting to the site grants Figment the right to display your work (until you decide to take it down), but does not mean you are giving up your ownership of your work. To see the full Terms of Service, go here.
I have comments but no reviews – what’s the difference? While a comment is just a short post—maybe just to say you liked the work or a couple of lines about your favorite parts—a review is a longer, more in-depth critique of your work. Reviews show up in your profile, and you can even earn badges for how many reviews you put up!
What’s a heart? A heart is a way of showing you enjoyed a story. Hearting a story boosts its status and helps it gain popularity. You can only heart a story once.
Can I change a published work back to draft? A published story can be removed from the Figment website but cannot be resaved as a draft once it has been published.
How do I get an Early Access Code? An Early Access Code is automatically given once you have saved a draft of your story. The code can be found via the My Writing tab under the story you have saved.
How do I get verified? To get a verified status on your account you will need to be an active member of Figment for at least one month and supply links to the websites (ie: Amazon) where users can purchase your work to the e-mail:


I’m worried about a fellow Figgie (self-harm/depression/abuse) – what should I do? If you are concerned about another Figgie’s health and well-being send their profile URL along with a screenshot attached of the chat you are concerned about to
Someone is using my avatar and name in an account who’s not me! Please send both your profile URL along with the user’s profile URL to
A user is spamming the forums/my group – how do I report/block them? You may report the user by sending their profile URL to
Another user is harassing a friend on his/her page – how do I report/block them? You may report the user by sending their profile URL to
How is user-generated content chosen for the homepage? User-generated content is reviewed by staff and chosen at random. However, there will be contests and challenges that offer featured spots on the Homepage too so look out for those!
Will I be notified if my work is chosen for the homepage? No, not at this time.
Will I get a badge if my work is chosen for the homepage? There are not currently any badges that are rewarded for being featured on the homepage.
Badges – what they are and how to get them? Badges are fun rewards for your profile for achieving different tasks within Figment.
Newbie - just for signing up and being you!
Junior Editor - for writing 2 reviews
Critic - for writing 30 reviews
Inkslinger - for publishing 2 books
Wordsmith - for publishing 10 books
Anthologist - for publishing 50 books
Novelist - for publishing a book of 10 or more chapters
Cardiologist - for receiving 5 hearts
Heartbreaker - for receiving 75 hearts
Bookworm - for reading 25 writings
Bibliophile - for reading 100 writings
Chatterbox - for posting 20 forum replies
Forum Fiend - for posting 100 forum replies
Shares Nicely - for updating your writings on Facebook and/or Twitter 10 times
Pied Piper - for having 50 followers
Bard - for posting 5 poems
Jokester - for receiving 10 "laugh" reactions
Stunner - for receiving 10 "wow" reactions
Tear Jerker - for receiving 10 "cry" reactions
Someone has copied my work and posted it as their own! How do I get this removed? Flag the story by clicking on ‘flag this story’ on the user’s story page and sending the URL to
Can I edit a review? Once a review has been published it cannot be edited.
Another user has posted a hurtful/incendiary reviews or personal comments on my work or my profile – how do I block them? Send the URL and profile in question to
Can we recommend/suggest/campaign for authors for the ‘Living the Life’ chats? Feel free to suggest your ideas to our suggestions box in the forums.
How do I follow someone? Visit the user’s profile page and click the follow me button under their profile image.


How often do newsletters come out? Newsletters are sent every Sunday!
How do I sign up for a daily prompt? This feature will be returning soon. Keep checking back!
How do I unsubscribe? Click the link at the bottom of your latest Newsletter to unsubscribe from future issues.
I haven’t received my newsletter/prompt in a while – how do I get back on the list? Click the Newsletter link on the homepage to enter your email address and subscribe.


How often are contests run? Contests typically run for one month at a time but that will vary in the future so keep checking back and reading the prompts carefully!
How will I know if I win? You will be notified via e-mail from the email address.
Who should I contact if I don’t receive my prize? Please send an e-mail to using the address you are signed up to Figment with.

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