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**The Dysfunctional Family Contest Finalist** Olivia is struggling to survive the outcome of the car wreck and the extreme abusiveness of her alcoholic dad. Olivia has grown to hate everything about him and that fact that he is the reason that she was driving her brother to practice that night, she was the reason her brother died.

Genres: Writing, Drama, Short Story

Tags: dysfunctionalfamily abuse - warning trigger warning

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about 2 years ago Sophia d'Amiguet said:

Unfortunately very realistic. Great characters right there. Sounds like the beginning of a novel more than a short story :)


over 2 years ago peyton eisler said:

Hey! SO I read your story like you asked and it was really good. You're choice of vocabulary really made different parts stand out. I'll be excited to see if there's more.

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over 2 years ago Corey M Smith said:

(Spoilers, read no further if haven't read.)

Well this was a nice piece, and I mean that coming from your writing itself. The setting you created, the atmosphere of dread and terror. The helplessness we all have felt at least once in our life's, if not in this scenario then something similar. I really felt for her, and the first few sentences hammered in a connection between me and her pain. While also leaving questions open to be answered, and keeping me stuck around till the curtains close to find out. All around I enjoyed this thoroughly. I wish you luck in all of your future endeavors.

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