This is what it takes

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A girl sacrifices her favorite part of herself for popularity.
(my entry for the #molecules contest)

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about 2 years ago SarahKLee said:

Oh my wow. This is definitely the best win. I love this piece. Not only was it fantastically well-thought out and written, I love the idea! Excellent job! You deserve it!


over 2 years ago Julia Tannenbaum said:

Very interesting and well written. Shows the insanity of certain trends, like the skinny jeans trend or the whole thigh gap thing, etc. If you wouldn't mind checking out my submission for this contest - Be Careful What You Wish For - that'd be much appreciated. I enjoyed your story and wish you the best of luck in the contest.

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over 2 years ago Bubby Gump said:

(SWAP REQUEST: "I Dunno", for this contest.)

hullo friend. how are you?

this probably my favorite entry for this contest i've yet read. it articulates the depths of malcontent and the ultimate dissatisfaction with gettin' what you want extraordinarily well, and the style is strong and striking.

i liked the concept and ultimate, bitter irony most of all. it's a concept which might not seem apparent when first considering the contest criteria, but it is so resonant, symbolically and emotionally. and the resolutiom was perfect and suited your story exactly.

really the only complaint i can muster is perhaps taking out the final repetion of "this is what it takes". i just feel it hits the point home a little too hard.

again enjoyed this entry a great deal. and if you'd like to swap please review and enjoy "i dunno" also for this contest.

later friend.

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