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What happens when there is magic in the walls?

"The Journey" is a fictional book created for the purpose of the story.

Genres: Writing, Action

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Rachael 01

over 2 years ago R. E. Durbin said:

Silly Emma, doubting that wise, old man. Whaaa? Of course, I'D have believed him! No, I wouldn't have had second thoughts. Now, wait, you're looking at me so skeptically? I totally would've believed an old man if he'd told me magic was real and brought characters out of a book....totally...hehe..he...yeeaahhh...okay, so I'd have had smidgen of disbelief! But it'd have been teensy, weensy! Barely there even. Stop looking at me like that. You'd have had trouble too.

Sorry, couldn't resist. ;P

I did love how it all began. So creepy. Locked doors, people ignoring me, no phone service? I'd have freaked out a lot more. All that was missing was the scary music and the chainsaw. Brilliant use of foreshadowing.

Thomas was pretty cool about. I'm guessing he's done this before? Kind of like "Oh, newbie girl, right. Gotta make sure she lasts through the night." Tehe!

Nice take on the prompt. Keep up the writing.


over 2 years ago Mimi Fera said:

Just have to say, I LOVE the setting.

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