Never After

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Not every prince is charming and not every princess needs saving.
My Off the Page contest entry.
{Written by Mango, 2015}

Genres: Writing, Fantasy

Tags: offthepage fairytales princess prince not love

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almost 2 years ago Ciara Marez said:

Please, Mango, is there more to the story? Continue it, please! I need to know more! Please!!!


about 2 years ago lauryn faythe said:

I really like this story! What an awesome idea! So creative. You did such a good job of portraying your characters in such a short story, and the part where she was crying at the end of a book was very relatable and made me smile. Your writing style is very nice. Keep up the good work!


about 2 years ago Shelby Fox said:

I really liked this piece. Even though it was short I thought you were able to portray Amelia's emotional state pretty well. I found it interesting that she didn't find herself attractive and yet Evan still thought she looked like a princess. Maybe Evan, as annoying as I'm sure he can be, has some potential. I did find it strange that she seemed all alone in her house and that she cried when she finished the book, but I have a theory (that is probably completely wrong) about that.

Amelia is a princess who has been locked away from the world (kind of like Fiona from Shrek) because she is so ugly. The books are a constant reminder of what she'll never get, but she can't stop herself from reading them anyway. And the one prince character she absolutely despises is the only person capable of helping her finally realize that how she looks on the outside isn't what truly matters.

You should totally write about that! Anyway, that's just what I think is going on behind the scenes. If you ever do write a backstory I would love to read it. Hit me up and I'll give you a free review of it :) Great story, congrats on the win!

Curled up - copy

over 2 years ago Hazel Leaves said:

Okay so I loved it... But I felt it was all a bit rushed. I understand that it needed to be a certain length and all that and in that time you managed to give the greatest impression of the characters but there are so many questions like why did she not question his appearance more than she did? Why is his accent so weird (seriously who talks like that)? And I also felt that the relationship developed too quickly I mean she went from hating him to... something else in less than a day. On the plus side you have really made me want to read more of your work (where there aren't word restrictions) and I shall proceed to do so. p.s. Please tell me where that dress on the front cover comes from I neeeeeed it!!

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