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3 months ago Lucifer said:

Damn right! Everyone should be treated the same.


over 2 years ago Marissa;) said:

I, on the underhand, LOVE different, I mean who would want to talk to someone boring and close minded? I'm bisexual and proud of it :D


over 2 years ago Marissa;) said:

It's not wrong, people just don't like different. :/

Quoted in the stars

over 2 years ago Quoted_In_The_Stars._ said:

I agree with this. Unfortunately, the school I just graduated from is known to others schools as the 'gay school' because we have a couple gay people, and people make it seem bad. But it isn't.

Sadly, in some religions it isn't right, or god made female and male for a reason. But what I have to say to that is, it isn't gods decision whom these people choice to be, in fact, these people don't choose to be gay(bi) anymore than a straight person choose to be straight.

There's the kid who was in my class, he made fun of another because he 'looked gay'. Hoe the F*** can you look gay? Though the guy does where makeup, has the weirdest hair styles and pierced his ears, it doesn't mean he's gay. He isn't even gay, he's Bi. And that's the funny thing, people say he looks gay when he's bi, but another kid in the class is gay and no one thinks so. In other words, you can't look gay.

Being LBGTQ is fine, being straight is fine. An if we are honestly going to do what we did with black people again but with LGBTQ, then it just shows the stupidity of humans.

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