Marigold's Love

1 chapter / 250 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


2015 WINNER Round 3 Marchmatchup She woke up to tapping on glass only to find someone in her mirror.

Genres: Writing

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over 1 year ago Love Dreamer said:

Loved it! so unexpected yet obvious in the same time! magnificent story and content!

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almost 2 years ago Lauren F. said:

The story was amazing! I wasn't sure about how it was going to end, but I definitely did not foresee that. I would love it if you continued this. I'm really curious to see what happens!


about 2 years ago Anica Ivanitz said:

That was incredible. You managed to set the scene and establish the characters in only 250 words! That takes so much skill. Like, wow!


about 2 years ago Ronahn said:

Wonderful twist ending. Remember kids: practice ostracism; stay safe.

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