Warm Bloods

1 chapter / 236 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


For the second round in the March Matchup :)
We have to use the dialogue: “That plan didn’t fly, genius, and now we’re short a turret.”
In 250 words or less.
The Vampires are winning, we have lost hope.

Genres: Writing, Short Story

Tags: vampires marchmatchup2

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11 months ago Khazzanah Tour Travel said:

Once I see a summary of the information that is in the right side cover of the book, it seems very exciting yes on vampires and others

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Me 1963

almost 3 years ago Linda D said:

Zane’s always been taller… - you need the ‘s

“My throat goes dry.” should be on its own line, and no comma after the prompt. Otherwise I think it’s your MC talking, whereas it’s Zane.

And you might put her thoughts in italics, when she’s talking to herself.

Best of luck.

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over 1 year ago Huntress said:

Wow, this was a great written piece. It was enjoyable to read and your writing style is amazing!

I can't wait to read more of this author.


almost 3 years ago Grace Adamson said:

It was written very well. You did a good job of covering your bases with background information. Some of the dialogue I was a little confused on, because I didn't know who was speaking. Other than that, excellent.

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