Paying Death

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~ March Matchup Round 1 Winner~
A truth most people don’t realize is that “even death has a heart” (Markus Zusak, The Book Thief). She watches, she waits and when she welcomes you into her waiting arms, it isn’t always a happy reunion. She isn’t cold and unfeeling. On the contrary, everything she does, her every action, is always well pondered and executed. She has seen how you live, lie, laugh and love. And sometimes, she takes justice into her own hands. But whatever the price you pay, it was always of your own making.

Genres: Writing, Paranormal, Flash Fiction

Tags: marchmatchup1 quote the book thief death price payment villian victim justice contest winner

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almost 2 years ago Ciara Marez said:

Congrats, winner! Awesome job.:)


almost 3 years ago Becka Marie said:

Interesting story, and the quote defiantly fits. Congrats on winning the contest!

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