march matchup round 1- wedding

1 chapter / 250 words

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Quote: “Like stepping into a fairy tale under a curtain of stars.”
― Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus *WINNER OF THE ROUND 1 MARCH MATCHUP CONTEST*

Genres: Writing, Romance, Flash Fiction

Tags: marchmatchup1 romance flash fiction wedding Short story contest

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10 months ago Khazzanah Tour Travel said:

Very nice on the cover was strongly characterized by the sweet things in the book.

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almost 3 years ago Livi said:

Thank you so much, Rachael!

Rachael 01

almost 3 years ago R. E. Durbin said:

Aw, this is so sweet. I like the simplicity of your characters and diction. I think it really made the story for me. I can't say too much more, as I feel like it would detract from what you've written. All I can say is "I love it", which I know isn't much, but...yeah...I'm coming up with blank here.

Keep up the writing and good luck in the contest.

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