College Bound

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this is my entry for the Family Expectations. requirements are 250 words or less

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over 2 years ago InvadingTurtle said:

I'm glad your dad was able to push you into a degree you enjoy. :)

While I did enjoy this piece, I'm going to suggest that you read through it again and look at paragraphing, punctuation and verb tenses.

>>>Examples of possible changes: summer morning.

[new paragraph because of an implied change in 'time'] Just the other day[,] my father asked me what I wanted to do with my life[.]

[new paragraph because a new character is 'talking'] To this I repli[ed,] "I don't know[.]"

Overall, I like the picture this piece paints of your father, and the first two sentences really drew me in. :)


almost 3 years ago TT le foot said:

this is awesome! good luck!


almost 3 years ago meme said:

This is great! Hearted!


almost 3 years ago Morgan Allen said:

Thank you for inviting me to read this piece.. And way to go on college. Keep doing what you love.

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