Hidden in the Bookshelves

1 chapter / 543 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Rose despises being around anyone that breathes... Let alone one that talks to her. Instead of confessing her problems to another human, she simply hides in the depths of the bookstore. Hiding among the rows of bookshelves to escape.

Genres: Writing, Adventure, Short Story

Tags: brightplaces

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over 2 years ago Somya Mishra said:

beautifully penned


almost 3 years ago Anna Augustine said:

More please!


almost 3 years ago meme said:

I really like this! It is beautifully written and I love the emotions you put into this. Nice job! :)

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almost 3 years ago daisy:) said:

Really nice characterization and description for such a short piece! Well done!

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almost 3 years ago Jade Errickson said:

Man, that was an emotional piece. It was so sad and the feelings just rolled off the chapter in waves. But even with its saddening and crushing ability, I loved it. It was so raw and telling that I'm sure it's honesty is one of the things that tugged at my heart.

I refuse to say anything bad about this because nothing is wrong with it. I hate it when people say, "You're structure is all wrong", or "You misspelled a lot of words." Like, honestly, when you're in the zone and typing and letting the emotions carry you, you don't want to hear things like that because you really don't get any advice or a thumbs up, you just get a crippling critique and wonder why that person even bothered to write a review/comment at all.

Anyway, please excuse my rant. I liked this story and its emotional pull. Well done!


almost 3 years ago Artemis J. Potter said:

This was really well-written but sad. Like some of the other reviewers said the middle was a bit confusing - I had an idea of what happened but it's still kind of blurry. Also, I felt like you spent more time talking about her struggles rather than her bright place, though I liked how we saw how she used the bookstore as a refuge from the world - that was a nice touch. I'm a little conflicted on switching from first person narrative to third person - usually I would say stay on either one or the other but it flowed very well with the way you did it.

I know this review is kind of all over the place, but I hoped it helped :) Good luck in the contest!

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