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Winter is one of the most special day for my family, and now one of the most sad.

(please listen to
"Winter Sonata: First time" while reading)

Genres: Drama, Short Story

Tags: winterwriting dog and owner bond love farewells inspiration contest snow winter writing

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about 2 years ago glitter said:

Great Story :-)


almost 3 years ago Rachal Wright said:

Your writing style is unique. The only thing I found wrong was that you had a lot of fragments and some spelling errors. Mostly I saw I's that weren't Capitalized. Other than that, the story was very sad. I love animals, and had so many pets over the years. And they do get to be family. The song was a good suggestion also.


almost 3 years ago cazilly said:

Wow, this is so sad. I can relate to a pet being like family, so this is so sad. I love your writing style, very simple. Keep up the good work.


almost 3 years ago Rose Thorne said:

I find this story to be very unique and well-written. Keep up the good work!

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almost 3 years ago Max said:

This... Is amazing, I'm not normally one for reviews but after reading I had to.

Listening to the suggested song... Perfect, absolutely great, I love the story told here and I can't find any fault with the way it is written, other than simple mistakes like 'Ididn't' and things like that. Also, at some parts I felt the words used seem out of place in what they describe, they don't really fit with the theme. The simple mistakes don't take away from this beautiful piece of writing but would definitely seem smoother without them.

I felt as if the time-skip wasn't necessary (But then again I have a weird personal dislike towards time-skips in anything).

All in all I absolutely loved this, the music fit so well, the story itself was touching and it all tied together amazingly. Great job! Loved it.

(P.S My dog passed away a few months ago so I really felt this story, especially the ending.)

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