Cinderella Goes Snagging

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about 3 years ago Logan Koertje said:

Cool version of story. Really shows some culture


about 3 years ago Lily Hanke said:

Wow, I really like this take on the Cinderella story. Well done!

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about 3 years ago Lydia Nixon said:

First off, I loved the title. Combining the common with the uncommon is always a good way to catch people’s attention.

The only suggestion I have for this story is to continue working on word choice. For the most part you have excellent description and word choice, but occasionally you use a word or phrase that seems out of place (e.g. “One day,” and “gigantic”). Other than that, I loved the twist on the Cinderella tale! You did a great job of describing a tradition and culture that may not be familiar to everyone without getting bogged down in explaining the details.

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