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about 3 years ago Lydia Nixon said:

I like that each stanza had a distinct focus, and that you chose a variety of words and ways to convey this focus. I also liked the simplicity—you chose simple yet precise words, and you didn’t go overboard with flowery, lengthy sentences. Simplicity, when done well, can be just as effective as lengthy description.

Red hart

about 3 years ago Rachel D. said:

I can relate very well to this. I see a lot of content in a poem that doesn't have much written. Nice job and keep going!


about 3 years ago Logan Koertje said:

Nice poem. Very simple but still very personable


about 3 years ago Katie Miller said:

People's* I like how each stanza is broken up into a different aspect about yourself. :D This is really unique, and I can relate to being curious, creative, and helpful. :D

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