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Winner of the "King Dork Approximately" contest! Based on "Madness" by Muse, my favorite writing jam.

Genres: Drama, Suspense, Short Story

Tags: kingdork muse madness red adulterer revenge murder? art artist painting kidnapping

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about 23 hours ago Nomad said:

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about 24 hours ago Nomad said:

a real madness :-) amazing book. do advice everyone to read


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about 1 year ago figment said:

First off, I love how you set this up in the format of a play. It was a unique choice, but well-executed. I don't think maybe people would have the guts to do it, as well as a piece set in the nineteenth century, so I applaud you for that.sonography tech salary


almost 2 years ago McKenzie said:

Yikes, that's kind of terrifying. But also astounding, short quick and simple, poetic on many levels. A hidden message, use of color, pairing artistry and specific colors along with imagery and word use is superb. The clipped way you write seems like you wrote this in an angry frame of mind which fits what you were trying to accomplish. The narrative makes me uncomfortable, a very awesome way to feel when reading something. I say five stars.

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