Summertime Sadness

1 chapter / 235 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


My entry for the King Dork contest, inspired by the Lana Del Rey song. An interpretation of a bittersweet and traumatizing relationship.

Genres: Writing, Drama, Short Story

Tags: kingdork kingdorkcontest lana del rey summertime sadness maija sampson

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almost 2 years ago Valin said:

Great piece, enough said


about 3 years ago Guy Edmondson said:

Well done on winning, Maija


about 3 years ago Marissa LaPorte said:

This was excellent. You created the scene beautifully. I could tell this was well thought out and it was very successful for such a short piece. Congratulations on winning. Thank you for the great read and keep writing!

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almost 2 years ago Sarah Summers said:

I liked it. I think you missed a word or two in the sentence "like he wasn't gonna again" - I think you meant "like he wasn't gonna go again". This was a sweet piece but a little more work on it or rewriting would definitely make it perfect. Well done!


over 2 years ago Courtney Nash said:

I think that this really good overall.You added a lot of important events that help you realize important part of the story. You have a few grammar and spelling mistakes. But a easy way (before punishing) to find those mistakes is to copy and past your writing on to a word document,find those mistakes read threw one final time then publish it . Just to make sure there's no mistakes.

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