The Boy and His Moon

1 chapter / 1445 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


**First Prize in Spilling Ink Teen Short Story Contest**

Eight-year-old Lilly drowsily lifts her eyes to the opaque city window of her bedroom to find something that greatly puzzles her little mind. Across the street, in the construction lot, the moon dangles from a crane.

Genres: Writing, Short Story

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over 6 years ago Tangerine said:

What a sweet, deep piece of writing. With an adorable main character, too. One thing, though: The tense changes partway into the story. Otherwise, great job!

Dock girl

over 6 years ago Shawna I. said:

oh, I wish there were a smile button, because this is very cute and well writen!!


over 6 years ago Zina said:

This is so good! I love the beginning- it is a very good hook. I loved reading this! ♥


over 6 years ago lauren verity said:

clever and very cute. You captured the tone of a young narrator very well.

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about 6 years ago Anna Browne said:

"The moon is hanging from a string." That line immediately captured my attention.

"caked with the dust of the city". Beautiful. Brilliant. Magnificent. Fabulous. Extraordinary. Lovely. Intriguing- need I go on?

This is wonderfully written and I really do hope you continue. I am now following you.... so you BETTER continue, or else XD



about 6 years ago Ryan McLellan, Jr. said:

OH... MY... GOODNESS!!! When I was reading this, I totally forgot who was writing. I KNOW that someday I'm going to see this at a bookstore in the childrens books aisle. SO AMAZING! No other way to describe it...

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